How Can I Get Points For A Job Offer Under Express Entry?

If you land an eligible job offer from a Canadian employer in Canada’s Express Entry system, by the virtue of the job offer, you can maximize your points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), then, you will get an invitation to apply (ITA) for Canada immigration. 

Nevertheless, please note that it is not all job offers that are qualified for Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. We will give details of what makes a job offer eligible for points in this article, including, how many points you get, and also tips and tricks for securing a job offer for Express Entry immigration to Canada.

If you want to claim CRS points, what job offers can you use to achieve this in Express Entry?

A lot of people think that any kind of job offer can earn you CRS points on your Express Entry profile but that is not true. Your job offer has to be considered valid under Express Entry for you to obtain points.

For a Canadian job offer to be valid under Express Entry according to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), it must meet these requirements:

  • Job must be full-time and non-seasonal;
  • Job must be for a minimum of at least one year;
  • Job must be a job offer at Skill Level 0, A, or B, according to the National Occupational Classification system; and
  • The job offer must be supported by a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), or exempt from needing one.

Furthermore, when claiming points for a job offer under Express Entry, you will have to submit a copy of the written job offer indicating your position, job description, payment, and the conditions attached to your employment. Aside from these, you must add proof of your Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA-exemption.

What is an LMIA, and is it needed for a job offer for Express Entry?

What is Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) all about? It is referred to as a document gotten by a Canadian employer who desires to employ a foreign national to occupy an open position. Note that only a Canadian employer is permitted to apply for an LMIA, foreign workers cannot do this on their own.

The essence of an LMIA is to evaluate if hiring foreign talent will have a positive or a negative impact on the Canadian labour market. As a Canadian employer, before you can apply, you must provide information about your business, the office you are seeking to fill with a foreign worker, and then proof that you have tried hiring a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to occupy the position.

LMIA applications are submitted to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) where they scrutinize all the LMIAs that were submitted to decide if an LMIA is positive or negative. The reason for this is that a positive LMIA implies that hiring a foreign worker will have a positive effect on the Canadian labour force, while a negative LMIA means it will have a negative effect.

That being said, for your job offer to count towards your Express Entry profile and CRS score, you need a job offer supported by a positive LMIA, unless the job is an LMIA-exempt.

Job offers that are LMIA-exempt 

Sometimes, Canadian employers are exempted from needing an LMIA to hire foreign workers and there are three broad classes of LMIA exemptions:

  1. Exemptions obtained through international trade agreements, like NAFTA;
  2. Exemptions obtained through agreements made between the Canadian federal government and provincial governments; and
  3. Exemptions as a result of “Canadian interests”, like an intra-company transfer.

If for any reason, on your Express Entry profile, you claim points for an LMIA-exempt job offer, you will have to present proof if you are invited to apply for permanent residence that the offer meets the exemption criteria.

For a job offer for Express Entry, how many CRS points do you get?

Interestingly, the number of CRS points you receive for a Canadian job offer in Express Entry depends on the NOC code of the offered position. Depending on the skill level of your position, you can receive up to 50 or 200 points, but the highest amount of 200 points are reserved for only upper management positions.

  • For 200 points: Job offers at NOC codes starting with 00
  • For 50 points: Every other job offers at NOC skill level 0, A, or B

How can I find a Canadian job offer for Express Entry

To search for a Canadian job offer, there are numerous ways to go about it. Before you begin your job hunt, ensure that you are ready for the Canadian job application process. Below are simple steps you can adhere to and get the best possible chance of securing a Canadian job offer:

The first step is formatting your CV to suit Canadian standards

If you are searching for a Canadian job, Canadian employers require a particular format for CVs (also known as resumes). Chances are that the format may be different from what you are used to in your home country. Please take a look at our guide to know how to format a perfect format for a Canadian resume to ensure that you’ve got it right.

The second step is to write a cover letter that Canadian employers will love

Sometimes, Canadian employers expect you to attach a cover letter to your initial application, and if you fail to do so, it means loosing out.  Also, make sure you look at our article on how to write the perfect Canadian cover letter. 

The third step is to make sure you’re using LinkedIn to your advantage

Most times, employers utilize LinkedIn, the professional social networking site to fill open job positions. Make sure you continuously update your LinkedIn profile.

The last step is to apply for the right jobs

Ensure you take your time to search for positions that suit your experience and write an outstanding application. When you are done creating an eligible Express Entry profile, you will be issued a job seeker validation code that will permit you to register your profile with the Canadian job bank. 

When looking for a Canadian job, be careful not to be defrauded, because a lot of potential immigrants have been previously scammed by fake companies extending fraudulent offers of employment for Canadian immigration. Please note that a genuine employer will never ask you to pay money before you are given a job offer. If at any point, you are concerned about the legitimacy of an offer of employment, you should talk to an immigration consultant. 

Finally, we have explained how you can get points through job offer under Express Entry, the conditions before your job offer can be counted as valid for increasing your points, the number of points you can get for different job offers, all about LMIAs, and steps to take when applying for Canadian jobs.

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