How Is Public Relations As A Career In Canada?

Many people wonder how to pursue Public Relations as a career in Canada. If you are among this set of persons, stay tuned as this article gives an in-depth knowledge of public relations as a career in Canada.

About Public Relations As A Career in Canada

Public relations as a career in Canada is defined as building relationships between an organization and its public.

Public relations aim to make and maintain a good image for the organization, including its products or services, management, employees, and customers.

It is a field that focuses on communication between organizations and the public. It involves the planning, implementing, and evaluating of public relations strategies to promote an organization’s products or services, influence public opinion, and improve relationships between organizations and their stakeholders.

Growth Rate For Public Relations As A Career in Canada

The growth rate for public relations as a career in Canada is expected to be at least 21% annually through 2021.

The faster you learn and master your skills, the better off you’ll be. That being said, some things can help or kill your chances of finding a job or advancing within your company. For example:

  • If you’re not working on projects that require significant planning ahead (like PR campaigns), then this isn’t an area where growth happens overnight. You need more time than that. But if those types of projects sound interesting to you? Then keep reading. 

Wages For Public Relations As A Career in Canada

The average public relations agent makes between $52,000 and $91,000 annually, which is much more than the average salary for nonprofits ($33,200) or government jobs ($41,200).

The highest-paying industries for public relations positions are financial services (with a median starting salary of $125K), followed by consulting firms ($130K) and law firms ($140K).

On top of that, there are plenty of careers outside these sectors where you can earn even more money, and there’s no reason you should limit yourself to one industry if it doesn’t appeal to your strengths or interests. For example, Start-up Business Ownership (e.g., social media consultant).

They often work remotely from home while still earning high salaries, which gives them flexibility when it comes time for vacation days or family obligations like holidays or birthdays.

They tend not only to become their own boss but also have time off during which they can take care of personal projects without sacrificing income potential due to a lack of needed resources such as equipment etc.

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What Are The Duties In Public Relations As A Career in Canada?

Public relation is a career that involves the creation, implementation, and management of public relations strategies for clients. It encompasses all communications, from press releases to social media campaigns. The duties include:

  • Identifying and solving problems; analyzing data; managing projects; 
  • Writing reports; 
  • Presenting information to clients (e.g., governments); 
  • Communicating with the public (e.g., through blogs or podcasts), 
  • Providing information to the media (e.g., via press releases).

Skills For Public Relations As A Career in Canada

Public relations is a career that involves communicating with people in a professional way, which means you will need to be able to:

  • Communicate effectively and clearly. You’ll need to be able to talk about your products, services, or activities without being boring and/or confusing.
  • Write well-crafted emails, letters, and memos that are clear and concise; use proper grammar; use proper punctuation; avoid typos; etc.
  • Research topics before writing articles, so they’re accurate (no guessing here). If possible, research beforehand to know what information should go into each article before writing it. This helps when editing later on, too, because there won’t be any surprises either way.

Education Requirement For Public Relations As A Career in Canada

To be eligible for a career in public relations, you must have a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree will also help you gain experience and better prepare for your future as an employee.

Suppose your goal is to become a director or senior manager of the company. In that case, it may be worth investing in getting one more education level beyond just earning an undergraduate degree.

The Ph.D. requires extensive research work and time spent away from home compared with other graduate programs offered by universities across Canada.

If this type of program appeals to you, make sure that it aligns well with what attracts potential employers when they look at resumes on job boards like LinkedIn or Indeed Canada, which lists jobs.

Employment And Professional Opportunities For Public Relations As A Career in Canada

Public relation is a field that offers many opportunities. Many people are interested in public relations because it’s a good way to make money and work with people. There are many jobs within this field, but all have one thing in common—they require strong communication skills and an understanding of what makes people tick.

It is a good choice for those who want to work in communications. There are many opportunities for those who have intentions to work in public relations, and many companies need public relations specialists.

If you have a degree in journalism, or any other related field (e.g., communications), this is an excellent career path for you. 

You can choose from several positions within this field: journalist; editor; manager; marketing specialist; social media manager/advocate (if using social media platforms).

What Universities Offer Public Relations As A Career in Canada?

Several Universities offer Public relations as a career in Canada. Some of these universities include:

  • Ryerson University
  • York University
  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • Mount Allison University
  • According to Times Higher Education’s World Reputation Rankings, the University of Alberta is the #1 ranked university in Canada for its public relations program. Also, an online MBA program through the Faculty allows you to complete your degree from home or abroad with a minimum number of courses required at any given time (only 6).

What Are The Challenges In Public Relations As A Career in Canada?

The main challenge that public relations professionals face is a lack of training. As a result, they don’t have enough knowledge and experience to help them make their career in Canada. They also lack writing, editing, speaking, and listening skills, which are essential for any successful career in Canada.

Public relations professionals also face many other challenges, such as;

  • A lack of confidence in their abilities or lack of motivation due to low pay or poor working conditions at some organizations; 
  • Lack of resources such as time and money, 
  • Weak support from clients who do not understand what they need from an effective PR campaign, 
  • Poor reputation because they tend not to work hard enough on their projects because they think everything will come naturally without their effort.

Is Public Relations As A Career in Canada Profitable?

If you’re looking at starting your career as a PR professional and want to know if it’s profitable, yes, it is. The average salary for public relations professional in Canada is $62,000. The average salary for a public relations manager in Canada is $74,000, and the average salary for a public relations director in Canada is $87,000.

Is Public Relations As A Career in Canada Worth It?

If you decide to pursue a career that impacts others, public relation is an interesting option. Public relations professionals help companies and organizations communicate the right message to their target audiences.

They do this by crafting effective press releases, managing media relations, creating campaigns, and speaking engagements for clients or companies.

Public relations also seems like a good career option for those who like being in the spotlight.

This can be especially true if you work at nonprofits such as Amnesty International Canada or Oxfam Canada. Your job will involve constantly interacting with people outside of work hours or even during work hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Public Relations A Good Career In Canada?

A typical full-time salary for this occupation is in the region of $50,000 – $70,000. Employment prospects for professional public relations and communications occupations are good in Canada as their profession remains in high demand.

2. Does Pr Pay Well In Canada?

Canada’s average public relations salary is $60,060 per year or $30.80 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $49,885 annually, while most experienced workers make up to $89,700 annually.

3. How Much Does A Public Relations Specialist Earn In Canada?

The average public relations specialist’s salary in Canada is $57,000 per year or $29.23 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $47,950 annually, while most experienced workers make up to $82,012 annually.

4. Do People In Pr Make Good Money?

As of Dec 8, 2022, the average monthly payment for Public Relations in the United States is $3,745 a month.

5. Is Pr Hard To Get In Canada?

While it may be challenging, it is certainly not impossible. 

6. What Type Of Pr Makes The Most Money?

The industry that makes up the largest percentage of PR pros which is 22% are grant-making, religious, civic, and like organizations.

7. Is Pr A Glamorous Job?

It’s seen as a glamorous career. 

8. What Is The Highest Position In Pr?

A Public Relations Officer, or the Head of PR, is a senior management position that leads a public relations team. 

9. Is Pr A Stable Career?

Yes, PR is a good career.

10. Is Working In Pr Stressful?

Public relations, however, stands above many careers as one of the most stressful. 


In conclusion, there is a growing demand for professionals in the public relations industry. The growth rate is exciting, and the job prospects are good. While this may not be the right career for everyone, many students have chosen to pursue it because they love working in PR and see it as an opportunity to help others, such as their family or friends, by creating awareness of their brand or organization.

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