How to apply for a Canada study permit

There are a lot of students around the world who are interested in studying in Canada but lack the requisite knowledge on how to process admission into Canadian universities or educational institutes of learning.

The conducive environment and world-class expanding curriculum that proffer solutions to current scientific and economic challenges is a major attraction to students who desire to study in Canada.

The Federal grants and the friendly student transfer program available to foreign students around the world encourages immigrant to want to study in Canada. Many immigrants are not able to bring this desire into reality because they lack the requisite knowledge of how to apply for a study permit and admission in Canada.

 There are several requirements that applicants must satisfy to be eligible for a study permit.

Required Documents

The following are the required documents needed to process studying in Canada, if these requirements are not meant, it is impossible to study in Canadian Universities or institutions.

  1. A Study Permit.  It is important to note that a study permit is not necessary if the course of study is within six months, but if it exceed six months, one needs to obtain study permit from the Canadian immigration department. A Study Permit is needed if one is applying for full time studies.
  2. Valid Passport. This is very important; applicant must have a valid passport issued to him legitimately from his or her country.
  3. Quebec Requirement. This is stricter in the Canadian provisional law and its requirement are more. Applicants or student will be required to take more steps if they wish to enroll in Quebec University.
  4. Visa. Applicants from non-visa exempt countries are required to get a Canadian Visa before they can visit Canada.

Procedures or steps to Apply for a Study Permit

Step 1.

Secure Admission. The prospective applicant must have secured admission from any of the Canadian Universities or institutions, before proceeding to process Visa, hence the applicant must have applied for admission in the universities or educational institutes of his choice in Canada, and have secured admission.

It is necessary to know, this must be done formally with documents and proof. The institution, university, college, or vocational training center must issue an acceptance letter to a prospective student, as proof that he or she has been admitted.

Step 2.

Proof of financial adequacy. Another important factor to considered before issuing an applicant study permit is financial proof that the applicant is financially able to pay or bankroll the fee charged by the institution.

The applicant is required to show proof that he can take care of himself during the duration of study.

Visa Application. After getting your acceptance letter from the institution, a prospective student can begin the visa application procedure. A Student Permit is a document issued by the Canadian government to a student for a long-term course. To be able to study in Canada, it is essential.

Visa Application requirements

  1. Acceptance Letter. This is the letter issued to prospective students by the university or institution they applied for, as a proof that they have been admitted. Acceptance Letter is the first requirement for Visa Application.
  2. Evidence of Identity. The Canadian embassy will run identity check on prospective applicant through various means, to ensure they are not issuing Visa to a terrorist or someone whose purpose of going is not to study. Applicants will have to provide a valid passport document and two passport size pictures, written on it back, your name and date of Birth. It is important to notes that some Visa offices requires more than the aforementioned documents
  3. Financial Evidence. Applicants will be required to show and furnish proof that they are financially sufficient or adequate to cover fee charged by the institution or university they applied for and that you can financially take care of yourself for duration of study. This is often done through financial statement or bank statements of the sponsors or applicant. If applicant is going with spouse or family, such will be required to provide prove that he or she has adequate resources to cater for their spouse or family for the duration of study. This is often done through Bank statements or letters from sponsors or the person who will be supporting the applicant stays in Canada. Investment documents can also be included ones Visa application.
  4.  There are some countries who require more than the above documents for Visa application.

What you can do with your Student Permit

As a student in Canada, you do not need a work permit, your student permit covers that. Note, students can not take full-time employment, they have limited work hours.

Some institutions employ students to work part-time without requiring a work Permit, hence a student can work while pursuing his degree. One major advantage of studying in Canada is that it enhances your opportunities or chances in immigrating to Canada later or can help one in transiting from a temporary resident to a permanent resident. 

As a student you can start working toward applying for Permanent Resident by doing the following;

  • Learn relevant skills and acquire work experience relative to your territory or province. You should use your Student Permit to work in organization where you can acquire relevant skills or work experience.
  • Perfect both English and French proficiency skills. It will score you higher when you apply for Permanent Resident.
  • Get familiar with the program needed to apply for Permanent Residence, The Express Entry Route

Why Canada is attractive to international students

Canada had 650,000 international students in 2020, it got the ranking as the third leading destination for international students. Highlighted below are reasons Canada is the destination for international students.

  • Canada is reputed for strong quality education
  • Canada is a multicultural and tolerant society.
  • Canadian package for international students is very competitive, student have the opportunity to work part time job while they study, no work permit is required.
  • Tuition fee is cheaper in Canada compare to some countries.

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