Seven Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Canadian Immigration Consultant Or Lawyer


Hiring an immigration consultant or lawyer has many procedures which ought to be carried out legally to avoid being misguided. And many questions are very important to ask when getting an immigration lawyer or consultant to help with your permanent resident process or application. Asking questions will help guide your decision making, and it will help enlighten you on what you are doing, and if what you’re doing is error-free.

Immigration Consultant Or Lawyer

Immigration Consultants usually work for law firms, government agencies, or private firms dealing with immigration cases. And these consultants or lawyers help people immigrate from one country to another for either work, tour, studying and other business purposes. The Immigration Consultants or lawyers help in providing legal services in the area of immigration law as permitted by legislation and they can provide you with information and advice needed about the Immigration application process. Immigration consultants started working in the 1960s when a large number of people started migrating from Asia and Latin America to the united states, Canada and Europe. So to help people and immigrants who need clarity on how to be a permanent resident of a country, the idea of immigration consultancies came up.

What Immigration Consultants Or Lawyers Do 

The Immigration Consultants performs so many functions, they can help with the following;

1. Immigration

(A) Quota management; this management process helps in the processing of establishment grants of quota position, processing of permits, and filling of monthly quota returns.

(B) Work authorization; this work authority help in the processing of visas, processing of temporary and permanent work permit, and processing of outbound visas.

(C) Audit and reviews; they help with consulting and advice on immigration regulations and advice on the permit approval process.

2. Social Security: Immigration consultants help in providing customized consulting for individuals or couples about social security benefits choices. 

3. Policy Development And Assignment Planning: They provide business development and corporate event planning related services internationally for decades. They provide direct advice, guidance to executives, the human resource department and management.

4. Tax Compliance: Immigration consultants help companies ensure employment tax compliance is achieved globally. They provide cross-border employment tax compliance services, including tax briefings and consultations, tax return preparation, tax planning and advisory.

5. Represent Clients: Immigration lawyers represent clients in court, and they counsel clients about their legal rights and obligations to immigration.

6. They Listen: Immigration lawyers or consultants listen, cause in listening they can identify the problem from the root; cause when they listen to their clients, it helps them gather necessary facts in taking actions.

What Are The Skills Needed By Immigration Consultants Or Lawyers

* Good judgement

* Problem-solving abilities

* Listening skills

* Communication skills

* Ability to speak in public

* Regard for people

Immigration Consultancy Centres In Canada

* Immigcanada Immigration Consulting Service By RCICs

Immigcanada consulting service is led by Ms Eivy Joy Quito. She is an active member of the ICCRC and being an immigrant herself, she understands the importance and success of each immigration application process.

* Yci Canada Immigration Service

Yci provides immigration services such as; Canada visas, permanent resident visas or green cards, study permits and family sponsorship. Yci immigration services are always available and accessible to all clients physically and online on the Yci page.

* The Mackenzie Immigration Consulting Service

       The Mackenzie is an expert immigration and visa application company, created by Cater for the Chinese community in Canada, France, and China and all over the world. Mackenzie’s headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada, with some sub-branches in mainland china. The Mackenzie service providers help in visa processing, green card processing, and help in decision making on how to go about with the different types of programs for immigrants.

Seven Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Canadian Immigration Consultants Or Lawyers

When getting a permanent residency in Canada, you need to hire immigration consultants that will help in the legal proceedings of your permanent residency application. And there are questions immigrants ought to ask before hiring a consultant;

1. Your License And Your ICCRC Registration Number

This registration number shows if they are authorized. So asking for the license is to confirm if a representative is licensed to give legal advice to immigrants on their immigration process. Every country has a licensing system to protect immigration clients, cause if you’re dealing with non registered agents; you may be misguided. 

Immigration consultants or citizenship must be a member of the immigration consultants of Canada the regulatory council, and lawyers or notaries must be a member of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society. So once your representative does not belong to any legal immigration group, you should consider not hiring that agent.

2. Ask The Consultants Of Their Training And Experience

Knowing your representative experience in the consulting firm is necessary, so you could know if they will be able to represent you properly with no illegal issues arising. As an immigrant, you will know their level of training and experience through their; service quality and delivery, size of the firm, How long they’ve existed, and their win-win cases, knowing all this will give you an idea of their goodwill. Like it’s said; experience is a great teacher.

3. Ask For Their Fee Before Entering Into Any Contract With Them

This is to help know how much you will be charged for their services, asking this question will enable you to know if you are capable to meet the fee requirements. If you sign a contract with consultants without knowing how much they will take for their work, it may lead you to uncalled issues, whereby the process would be stopped by the agent due to you not meeting up with the payment.

4. Can You Communicate Directly With Your Consultant

If you are paying someone to represent your case, you need to communicate with the agent directly, and if the agent refuses to communicate with you directly; always telling you to text him, or always wanting not to see you; then you should know that the agent is not worth hiring for legal affairs, cause that agent could run away with your money and you won’t be able to do anything about it, cause you’ve not seen him once.

5. Always Ask The Consultant To Enlighten You On The Wright Program to Choose

        The work of the Consultant is to consult and advise you on the available programs that are best for your strength and weaknesses, cause a representative ought to create a communicating environment that outlines all the programs available and their constraints, so you could know the one best appropriate for you with assurance and less of guesswork.

6. What Are The Chances Of Success Through The Program

After the program best appropriate for you is identified, you need to ask the representative; the chance of success you have through the program, so you will know if you will be able to meet the requirements of the program before embarking on it.

Some people go into contracts knowing fully well they don’t meet the requirements of the program they are signing in for, cause when you start up a program that the chances of success are low; it may lead to waste of time; that is, after days and months are spent on the program it will come out unsuccessful.

7. How They Are Different From Other Consulting Firms

         You need to ask them this question, giving them the heart pour, that there are many other consultants in the city, with that, they will be able to tell you and prove to you their uniqueness in the market space. With that you will be able to know what you’re going for; if it is a good choice or not.


In Canada, there are so many Consultants and lawyers that handle immigration affairs, but there are so many factors, an immigrant needs to consider to avoid being misled. Canada is a big country with so many people, so immigrants need to be careful while hiring someone for any legal affairs, cause anyone could claim, that they are a consultant and lawyer, but with the above context, you will be able to know registered consultants and how to choose your representative rightly.

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* Can An Immigrant Be A Consultant In The Immigration Firm?

Yes, an immigrant could work in a consulting firm, if you have the training, experience and qualifications. How?, by earning a bachelor’s degree, graduating with a diploma degree in the queen’s university of Canada, and passing the Entry-to-Practice exam, with the above requirements met, immigrants could be a consultant in the immigration firm.

* Is It Compulsory To Hire An Immigration Consultants As An Immigrant?

If you’re like most applicants for Canadian immigration, you either don’t feel the need to hire a Canadian immigration consultant to help you obtain status in Canada, or you can’t afford to, you could read the article and get orientation on how the application processes are. The fact of consultants is to guide you during the process and getting one provides you with peace of mind to get over the line.

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