12 Tips For Preparing Your Permanent Residence Application


Permanent residency programs are usually carried out in various countries like; Canada, the united states, Europe, and so many other countries. Permanent residency programs allow non-indigenes of a country to reside in the country. 

For example, the united states offer foreign nationals a path to permanent immigration to the united states and benefits individuals such as the freedom to live and work permanently in the US. Some firms are dedicated to providing a correct and complete database to the non-indigenes to assist them to obtain a permanent residency in any country of their choice.


This is a process that is carried out by immigration firms or businesses to review an application to know if a person is under consideration for the opportunity. So permanent application process is carried out to analyze the documents provided by non-indigenes for their immigration process, to check if the individual is eligible for the permanent occupancy.


This can be seen as being granted the opportunity to stay or work in a given country lawfully. A lawful permanent resident is someone who has been given the right to live in a country for an indefinite time; Possibly their whole life. Usually, these lawful residents are given a card or photo ID called a “Green Card”, which proves their status. This status shows their legal residency of a territory of which he/she is not a citizen but have the right to move around the country without any harassment from police personnel.


There are different types of cards in different countries; Canada, the US, Mexico. Below are some cards used in Canada :

  • The Commuter Green Card: This is a type of card used by foreign commuters.  For example, someone may live in Canada but commute or travel to Austra for business, so the commuter green card is given to such persons.
  • The Conditional Green Card: This is a type of card given to immigrants after marrying a citizen of another country. For instance; a Nigerian lady gets married to a Canadian guy, the lady will be given a conditional green card due to the marriage.
  • The Outpacing Fraud Green Card: This card was designed to cancel the production of the fake card, mostly known as counterfeit to enable the immigration firm to depict fake cards.


The permanent residency form is an application that will demand a series of personal documents to assess the person applying. Documents like:

  • Birth certificate: This certificate is a document that shows; your birthdate(time, day, month and year), the name of the hospital you were given birth to and as well the country’s name.
  • Medical Exams: This is a test carried out by laboratories to know your health report; determining if there is any health challenge that’s contagious with the stand of altruism.
  • Court, Police and Prison Record: This document shows if you’ve been involved in any law violation and criminal activities.
  • Legal Separation Agreement: This document identifies; if you’ve been divorced before or separated from anybody legally or illegally.
  • Proof Of Funds: This document shows if the person has enough money to settle and live in a particular country.


  1. Financial Background: This should be considered before any application is done; to know how stable an applicant is; financially. As an individual, you can’t be seeking to reside in a country permanently without having funds that will pay your bills.
  2. Existing Job: Do you have a job in the country you seeking to gain permanent residency?
  3. Can you adhere to the rules and regulations of that country you seeking residency?
  4. What value are you going to add to the country’s image?
  5. Do you like the country?


  1. Identify The Program You’re Eligible To: Some countries have different programs that could be segmented into;(humanitarian, economic and family-class). So identifying which of the programs you are eligible for on time will help speed up the process and help the immigrants avoid deadline notice, cause some countries don’t live their immigration programs opened for a long time, while some live it open.
  2. Be Sincere With Your Identity While Getting A Permanent Residence: This is to say; that an immigrant should not lie about anything that concerns him/herself while getting a permanent residence, cause even a little lie could disqualify a person from the process. Lying on; marital status, birth certificate and medical reports, lying on an immigration application process is considered “Misrepresentation”; which could attract serious consequences that would lead to cancellation of an applicant’s request.
  3. Always Have Copies Of The Necessary Documents: Even if you’ve submitted the documents to the immigration operators and your application have been approved, keeping copies of each of the document matters a lot; cause issues can arise that could lead to the loss of all your documents; physically or electronically in the immigration centre. So cases like this could demand you refer to your extra copies.
  4. Relate With Others Who Have Gone Through The Immigration Process: Experiences of others can be a stepping stone for an applicant to avoid mistakes. That is, before applying for a permanent residency you can meet one or two persons that have gone through the process, finding out what their challenges were and what helped them during their application to enable you on what you are up against. So communicating with other candidates could help facilitate the process and help an immigrant with insight into the process.
  5. Check The Expiry Date Of The Documents: While applying for a permanent residency in a country, the documents required for the program ought to be checked to know the expiry date and it’s very necessary so your application process will not be delayed and stopped by the immigration personnel. For instance; some countries will inform you to bring a card that will expire in two years, so an immigrant bringing a card contradicting the agreement; the individual is liable to get disqualified.
  1. Gather Documents Needed For The Application In Advance: Gathering the documents even before being asked to submit them will limit the stress, cause there are some documents that take months to obtain and if you don’t prepare before time, the application date or process may close on the applicants.
  2. Taking The English And French Class Test: English and French test are carried out in most countries to assess your communication skills. This test cannot be downplayed by any individual seeking permanent residency cause scoring high points in the test determines the applicant’s eligibility. Mostly, some countries official languages are; English language and french, so test on the two languages are carried out.
  3. Consider Getting Advice From Immigration Consultants: Getting advice from an expert in the field will give you an edge in the process, cause the consultant will influence your decision making the cause of his expertise in the immigration process. The consultant will be able to tell you what to do, documents you need to be eligible for the process.
  4. Double-Check Documents: When filling the application form, an immigrant should do well to double-check and look properly before ticking in any comments to avoid entering into a contract he knows nothing about. But this risk can be avoided if cross-checking of documents is acknowledged.
  5. Ensure You Have A Good Bank Record: Bank of statements are analyzed to know if the immigrants are eligible for the application financially; to avoid starting the process and not being able to finish it due to lack of finance.
  6. Knowledge About The country: Having Knowledge about a place you are going to is very necessary to avoid being used; cause some persons to seek to be granted a permanent stay in a place but have zero knowledge about the place. Knowing the country you want to reside in will help guide your activities in that country.
  7. Calculating The Comprehensive Ranking System: Knowing how to calculate your CRS could help with the legal needs, this tool will help know the score based on the imputed answers. The CRS is a point-based system used to assess and score profile as well as rank.


The above 12-tips are not limited to just one country, but any country that you decide to seek permanent residency. These tips are both applicable for teenagers and adults cause it helps guide the immigration process.

Gaining permanent residency in a country started a long time ago, but with the consistent improvement and development in technology, one could start the application process with his/her phone with guidance from any immigration consultant a person choose to settle for, while Immigration lawyers help in the paperwork and the process, creating a meeting to confirm; if all the documents been submitted are legal.

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*How Long Does It Take To Get Canada Permanent Residency?

To become a permanent resident in Canada, one has to apply to; the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC). Most permanent resident application processes take from six months to twelve months to be processed, while some take a year or two.

*What Are The Requirements Needed For Citizenship In Canada?

  • Eligibility report
  • Permanent resident status
  • How long you’ve lived in Canada, that is; your physical presence
  • Required to develop your language skills, cause Canada has two different official languages.
  • Pass the citizenship test

*Can You Be A Permanent Resident Of Two Countries?

Yes, you can be a permanent resident of more than one country at the same time, it is quite similar to getting a visa for more than two countries at a time, as long as you meet the requirements of both countries for permanent residency you will be granted a permanent stay; but sometimes meeting the requirements for two countries at a time could be impossible to fulfil, considering their differences in demand.

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