What Is Invitation To Apply (ITA) Canada & nbsp

Do you have plans of changing your current residential area to being a Permanent Resident of Canada? 

Then you would first need An Invitation to Apply also known as ITA. 

We would be tackling different frequently asked questions such as: What is ITA, what to do after acquiring an ITA, what documents would I need to apply for the ITA, what happens if I don’t respond to the ITA and many more. 

Now I’m sure the first question on your mind is what is an Invitation To Apply (ITA)? 

An ITA is simply an invitation received by applicants after submitting their profile to the Express Entry pool to apply for permanent residence in Canada. This only happens for those who have a score above the cut off Mark. 

One thing you should know is that receiving an ITA does not mean that you would automatically be accepted as a Permanent Residence, as you must fully complete your application for permanent residence, and the application can either be accepted or declined depending on if the applicant meets the requirements. 

As an Applicant, after receiving an ITA, you can be asked to prove that the information you entered into your Express Entry Profile is correct, and if you inputted false information in your profile, your application will be declined, and you can even be subjected to further punishments like: 

-Being denied access to Canada 

-Being restricted from entering Canada for 5 years. 

Hence the need for you to be super careful when inputting your details while applying, as to avoid situations like the aforementioned. 

Receiving an ITA invitation means that the Canadian government is convinced of your potentials. 

For you to acquire an ITA you must have satisfied some criteria, some of which include: -Having a job offer from a potential employer 

-Having a highly ranked Express Entry Profile 

-Being nominated by a territory or Province.

As an applicant you can improve your chance of acquiring an ITA by getting a high profile score, because the higher your ranking, the better your chances. Some of the ways applicants can improve their score and chances of getting an ITA includes: 

-Getting additional work experience that is relevant to the job offer. 

-Improving on your current level of education 

-Getting a job offer from a Canadian employer. 

-Improving your language proficiency. 

Now the next question on your mind will probably be “what do I do after receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residency”? 

When an applicant’s application for permanent residency is successful, he/she will receive a confirmation of permanent residence (known as COPR) or a permit residence visa. 

You should first know that you’d be given a minimum of 60days to a maximum (in some cases) of 90 days, to complete and submit your application, so you would need to act fast because your invitation expires after the 60-90days. 

And if that happens without you submitting your application, then you would have to submit a new Express Entry profile, and wait to receive an invitation to apply. 

The first thing to do is to gather all your required documents. Your ITA will determine if you are to apply for permanent residence through the CEC or other programmes managed by the Express Entry. 

Some of the documents that candidates will be required to submit include: 

•Past Work experience documents 


•Educational documents 

•Language tests 


•Proof of funds and others. 

If I decline the ITA or allow it to expire, what will happen? 

If you accept the ITA: you would have to submit your application for residence within 60-90days of the issue date. Don’t wait till the last day before you submit your application to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

If you decline the ITA; your profile will be taken back to the Express Entry Pool and you will be able to receive invites in the future. 

If you don’t respond to the ITA: If you don’t respond by accepting or rejecting the offer, the ITA will expire, and your Express Entry profile will be inactive, as you would need to set up a new profile, if you have plans of participating in future draws. 

Now I’m sure you know what the ITA is all about, how it works and everything regarding it. 

If you still have a question regarding the Invitation To Apply for a permanent residence in Canada? feel free to ask in the comment section below, and also let me know what you think about the ITA.

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