Comprehensive List For Canada Immigration Application Forms

Are you trying to migrate to Canada and confused on which Canada immigration application forms you will need to fill?

Whether you are an immigrant outside or within Canada, at some point, you’d be required to fill an immigration form – whether you’re looking to certify your Canadian citizenship, apply for a Permanent Resident (PR), it’s important to know exactly which Canada immigration application forms best suits your travel purpose.

The list completely breaks down the Canada immigration application forms by their form number, title, and last time of update.

Canada Immigration Application Forms and Packages

Moving to Canada comes with different packages and Canada immigration application forms for each given package.

Good knowledge of the various immigration packages will enlighten you on the right Canada immigration application forms that best suit your travel purpose.

Below is a list of all the necessary Canada immigration application forms as labeled according to their form numbers, titles, and last time updated:

Form NumberForm TitleLast Updated
CIT 0001Application for Canada Citizenship CertificateMay 2021
CIT 0002Application for Adult Canadian CitizenshipOctober 2020
CIT 0003Application for Canadian Citizenship for MinorsOctober 2020
CIT 0007Application for Canada Citizenship under Subsection 5(1) for Adults of 18 years and aboveJune 2021
CIT 0008Application for Canada Citizenship under Paragraph 5(2) for Minors under 18 years of ageNovember 2020
CIT 0010Confirmation of Canada Citizenship of Adoptive Parent(s)June 2019
CIT 0012Canada Adoptee’s Application PackageJune 2019
CIT 0014Document Checklist: Application for a Canada Proof of Citizenship CertificateJuly 2020
CIT 0027Canada Citizenship Application WithdrawalJune 2014
CIT 0058Search of Citizenship Records ApplicationDecember 2020
CIT 0172Document Checklist: Application for Canada Citizenship for Canadian Armed Forces under Subsection 5(1.2) or 5(1.3)June 2019
CIT 0177Residence Outside CanadaAugust 2018
CIT 0301Application to Resume Canada CitizenshipJune 2019
CIT 0302Application to Renounce Canada CitizenshipFebruary 2021
CIT 0402Document Checklist: Application to Renounce Canada Citizenship under Subsection 9(1)April 2021
CIT 0403Application for Canadian citizenship – Minors (under 18 years of age) applying under Subsection 5(1)October 2020
CIT 0404Request form for a Change of Sex or Gender IdentifierNovember 2020
CIT 0407How to Calculate Physical PresenceMay 2019
CIT 0457Solemn Declaration Concerning a Citizenship Certificate That Was Lost, Stolen, Destroyed or Never ReceivedAugust 2018
CIT 0458Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union – CitizenshipJune 2019
CIT 0464Request to Correct a Date of Birth for CitizenshipAugust 2018
CIT 0480Canadian Citizenship Certificate Preparation FormApril 2020
CIT 0484Document Checklist: Adoption – Part 1 – Confirmation of Canadian Citizenship of the Adoptive Parent(s)June 2019
CIT 0485Document Checklist: Adoption – Part 2 – Adoptee’s ApplicationMarch 2021
CIT 0496Application to Renounce Canadian Citizenship – R7.1 (for certain persons who acquired citizenship under amendments to the Citizenship Act in 2009 or 2015)June 2019
CIT 0497Application for Grant of Citizenship for Stateless Persons Born to a Canadian Parent (Subsection 5(5))June 2019
CIT 0499Document Checklist: Application for Grant of Citizenship for Stateless Persons Born to a Canadian Parent (Subsection 5(5))June 2019
CIT 0501Document Checklist: Application to Renounce Canadian Citizenship (For certain persons who acquired citizenship on April 17, 2009 – R7.1)June 2019
CIT 0532Application for Canadian citizenship – Canadian Armed Forces under Subsection 5(1.2) or 5(1.3)June 2019
CIT 0534Application to Resume Canadian Citizenship – Canadian Armed ForcesJune 2019
CIT 0550Educational Enrolment Confirmation Letter for CitizenshipJune 2015
CIT 0560Document Checklist: Application for Canadian citizenship under subsection 5(1) – Minors (under 18 years of age)June 2021
IMM 0002Document Checklist: Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH)March 2021
IMM 0006Application for Authorization and Statutory Declaration (Extended Family Members)August 2021
IMM 0008Generic Application Form for CanadaMarch 2021
IMM 0008 SCH2Schedule 2: Refugees Outside CanadaNovember 2020
IMM 0008 SCH3Schedule 3: Economic ClassesAugust 2014
IMM 0008 SCH4Schedule 4: Provincial NomineesJune 2020
IMM 0008 SCH4ASchedule 4A: Provincial Business NomineesJune 2020
IMM 0008 SCH5Schedule 5: Economic Classes – Declaration of Intent to Reside in QuebecJune 2020
IMM 0008 SCH6Schedule 6: Business Immigrants – Investors and Entrepreneurs – Declaration of Intent to Reside in QuebecJune 2020
IMM 0008 SCH6ASchedule 6A: Business Immigrants – Self-Employed PersonsJune 2020
IMM 0008 SCH9Schedule 9: Sponsorship – Declaration of Intent to Reside in QuebecJune 2020
IMM 0008 SCH12Schedule 12: Additional Information – Refugee Claimants inside CanadaMay 2020
IMM 0008 SCH13Schedule 13: Business Immigration Programs – Start Up Business ClassJune 2020
IMM 0008 SCH14Schedule 14: Protected Persons and Convention RefugeesMay 2020
IMM 0008 DEPAdditional Dependants / Declaration FormJune 2019
IMM 0016Application for Authorization and Statutory Declaration for the Parent of a Minor for the Purposes of Entry into Canada for Extended Family Members COVID-19 Emergency Orders in Council Under the Quarantine ActAugust 2021
IMM 0017Letter of explanation – Open work permit for vulnerable workersJanuary 2021
IMM 0104Details of Education/Employment/TravelMay 2019
IMM 0109Application to Become a Sponsorship Agreement HolderApril 2021
IMM 0113Schedule 1: Temporary Public Policy to further facilitate access to permanent resident status for out-of-status construction workers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)July 2021
IMM 0114Schedule 1: Agri-Food PilotJuly 2021
IMM 0115Offer of Employment to a Foreign National: Agri-Food PilotJuly 2021
IMM 0116Document Checklist: Agri-Food PilotJuly 2020
IMM 0123Document Checklist: Temporary Public Policy to further facilitate access to permanent resident status for out-of-status construction workers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)July 2021
IMM 0129Document Checklist: In-Canada families of Canadian victims of recent air disastersMay 2021
IMM 0130Schedule 3 – Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway: Streams A & B and International GraduatesSeptember 2021
IMM 0133Medical Condition StatementJune 2021
IMM 0134Document Checklist: Permanent residence pathways for Hong Kong residentsJune 2021
IMM 0135Schedule 7A – Permanent residence pathways for Hong Kong residents: Stream A – In-Canada graduatesJune 2021
IMM 0136Schedule 7B – Permanent residence pathways for Hong Kong residents: Stream B – Canadian work experienceJune 2021
IMM 0502Terms and Conditions of a LoanJune 2019
IMM 1015Document Checklist: Application Forms for Health-Care Workers Permanent Residence Pathway (COVID-19 pandemic)February 2021
IMM 1018Schedule 1: Health-care Workers Permanent Residence PathwayDecember 2020
IMM 1283Financial Evaluation FormJune 2020
IMM 1294Application for a Study Permit Made Outside of CanadaOctober 2019
IMM 1295Application for a Work Permit Made Outside of CanadaJune 2019
IMM 1324Undertaking/Application for a Joint Assistance SponsorshipJune 2020
IMM 1344Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement and UndertakingJune 2019
IMM 1436Application to Amend the Record of Landing, Confirmation of Permanent Resident or Valid Temporary Resident DocumentsJune 2020
IMM 1444Application for Criminal RehabilitationJune 2020
IMM 5009Application Form and Document Checklist: Verification of Status or Replacement of an Immigration Document Application Form and Document ChecklistJune 2020
IMM 5257Application for a Temporary Resident VisaJune 2019
IMM 5257 SCH1Schedule 1: Application for a Temporary Resident VisaJune 2019
IMM 5280Document Checklist: Humanitarian & Compassionate ConsiderationsMay 2021
IMM 5282Document Checklist: Live-in CaregiverAugust 2018
IMM 5283Supplementary Information: Humanitarian and Compassionate ConsiderationsJune 2020
IMM 5286Document Checklist: Protected Person – Permanent ResidenceApril 2013
IMM 5287Document Checklist: SponsorJune 2019
IMM 5321Canada–United States–Mexico Agreement – Application for trader/investor status (work permit)July 2021
IMM 5349Right of Permanent Residence Fee Loan ApplicationJune 2020
IMM 5373Sponsorship Undertaking – Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH)August 2020
IMM 5373ASettlement Plan and Financial Assessment – Group of FiveFebruary 2018
IMM 5373BFinancial Profile – Group of FiveOctober 2020
IMM 5406Additional Family Information Form – Permanent ResidenceAugust 2020
IMM 5409Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union – Temporary and Permanent ResidenceAugust 2020
IMM 5438Request for a Refugee ProfileAugust 2020
IMM 5440Settlement Plan – Sponsorship Agreement Holder or Constituent GroupAugust 2020
IMM 5444Application for a Permanent Resident CardFebruary 2020
IMM 5451Solemn Declaration Concerning a Permanent Resident Card That Was Lost, Stolen, Destroyed or Never ReceivedAugust 2020
IMM 5457Document Checklist: Atlantic High-Skilled ProgramJuly 2020
IMM 5467Document Checklist: Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled ProgramJuly 2020
IMM 5475Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated IndividualMay 2021
IMM 5476Use of a Representative FormJuly 2021
IMM 5481Sponsorship Evaluation Form – Dependent ChildrenOctober 2020
IMM 5483Document Checklist: Study PermitFebruary 2018
IMM 5484Document Checklist: Temporary Resident Visa (Visitor Visa) outside of CanadaJanuary 2018
IMM 5488Document Checklist: Work Permit (Applied outside Canada)May 2019
IMM 5492Sponsor Assessment FormOctober 2020
IMM 5494Settlement Plan: Joint Assistance SponsorshipOctober 2020
IMM 5495Document Checklist: Joint Assistance SponsorshipSeptember 2004
IMM 5498Document Checklist: Atlantic International Graduate ProgramJuly 2020
IMM 5501Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Declaration FormOctober 2020
IMM 5504Request for a Joint Assistance Sponsorship Refugee ProfileSeptember 2015
IMM 5507Document Checklist: RehabilitationMay 2015
IMM 5515Settlement Plan and Financial Assessment: Community SponsorsOctober 2020
IMM 5519Statutory Declaration of Severance of a Common-Law UnionOctober 2020
IMM 5524Application for a Permanent Resident Travel DocumentOctober 2020
IMM 5526Supplementary Relationship QuestionnaireOctober 2020
IMM 5528Document Checklist: Temporary Resident Permit HoldersJanuary 2016
IMM 5531Request to Reissue a Permanent Resident CardOctober 2020
IMM 5532Relationship Information And Sponsorship Evaluation FormFebruary 2021
IMM 5533Document Checklist: Spousal Sponsorship (Including Dependent Children)April 2019
IMM 5534Document Checklist: Sponsoring a Dependent ChildJune 2019
IMM 5536Authorization To Disclose InformationDecember 2016
IMM 5546Details Of Military ServiceJanuary 2021
IMM 5555Document Checklist: Study PermitFebruary 2017
IMM 5556Document Checklist: Worker (in Canada Applicant)May 2021
IMM 5557Document Checklist: Temporary Resident PermitAugust 2018
IMM 5558Document Checklist: Temporary Resident Visa (Visitor Visa) in Canada ApplicantAugust 2018
IMM 5562Supplementary Information: Your TravelsJanuary 2021
IMM 5563Access to Information and Personal Information RequestJune 2016
IMM 5564Application for the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) CoverageJune 2019
IMM 5571Request for Processing Family Members under the One-Year Window of Opportunity ProvisionsJanuary 2021
IMM 5575Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations under the February 4, 2016 Temporary Public Policy for Nationals of Haiti and ZimbabweMay 2016
IMM 5583Document Checklist: Students Applying for a Work PermitMarch 2021
IMM 5589Document Checklist: Sponsoring a Common-Law Partner (Including Dependent Children)June 2019
IMM 5604Declaration from Non-accompanying Parent/Guardian for Minors Immigrating to CanadaJanuary 2021
IMM 5618Request to Add a Family Member to a Privately Sponsored Refugee ApplicationJanuary 2021
IMM 5627Document Checklist: Permanent Resident Travel DocumentMarch 2018
IMM 5629Document Checklist: Sponsoring a Conjugal Partner (Including Dependent Children)June 2019
IMM 5634Live-in Caregiver: Employer Declaration of Hours WorkedJanuary 2021
IMM 5644Document Checklist: Application for a Permanent Resident CardMay 2019
IMM 5645Family Information Form – Visitors, Students and WorkersJanuary 2021
IMM 5646Custodian Declaration FormJanuary 2021
IMM 5650Offer of employment to a foreign national – Atlantic Immigration PilotJanuary 2021
IMM 5652Document Checklist: Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program – Work permit (in Canada applicant)May 2019
IMM 5653Document Checklist: Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program – Work permit (applied outside Canada)May 2019
IMM 5654Undertaking for an Application for a Work Permit Exempted from a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) as part of the AIPJanuary 2021
IMM 5663Sponsorship Undertaking and Settlement Plan: Community Sponsor (CS)June 2019
eIMM 5669Schedule A: Sponsorship Background/Declaration Form – To be used only with kits IMM 5289 and IMM 5772November 2018
IMM 5669Schedule A: Background / Declaration FormJune 2019
IMM 5670Sponsorship Undertaking and Settlement Plan: Groups of FiveJune 2019
IMM 5686Request for an opinion on Work Permit or LMIA ExemptionJanuary 2020
IMM 5690Document Checklist: Provincial Nominee Program and Quebec Skilled WorkersOctober 2019
IMM 5707Family Information Form – Visitors, Students and WorkersJune 2019
IMM 5708Application to Change Conditions, Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada as a Visitor or Temporary Resident Permit HolderJune 2019
IMM 5709Application to Change Conditions, Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada as a StudentJune 2019
IMM 5710Application to Change Conditions, Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada as a WorkerJune 2019
IMM 5721Document Checklist: Temporary Resident Visa (Visitor Visa) – Applicants in CanadaJune 2021
IMM 5722Document Checklist: Federal and Quebec Selected Business Class ApplicantsJune 2019
IMM 5741Return of Processing Fee, Right of Permanent Residence Fee or Right of Landing FeeSeptember 2017
IMM 5744Consent for an Access to Information and Personal Information RequestOctober 2018
IMM 5745Document Checklist: Applying for Refugee Protection within CanadaMay 2017
IMM 5748Income Sources for the Sponsorship of Parents and GrandparentsDecember 2020
IMM 5760Document Checklist: Start up Business ClassJuly 2020
IMM 5766Start-up business class commitment certificate: letter of supportFebruary 2020
IMM 5766GGStart-up business class commitment certificate for designated entitiesDecember 2019
IMM 5768Financial Evaluation for Parents and Grandparents SponsorshipJune 2019
IMM 5771Document Checklist: Sponsoring Parents and GrandparentsJune 2019
IMM 5778Return of Application Fees for the Federal Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) and Entrepreneur Program (EN)September 2017
IMM 5782Application to Voluntarily Renounce Permanent Resident StatusJuly 2021
IMM 5783Document Checklist: Voluntary Renunciation of Permanent Resident StatusJanuary 2016
IMM 5784Document Checklist: Quebec Selected Self-employed and Federal Self-employed PersonsJune 2019
IMM 5908Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Community Interest FormFebruary 2019
IMM 5910Schedule 19b: Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker – Work ExperienceJuly 2021
IMM 5911Schedule 1: Rural and Northern Immigration PilotJuly 2021
IMM 5939Document Checklist: Applicants in the USA applying for Rehabilitation or Temporary Resident Permits (TRP)February 2021
IMM 5940Document Checklist: Applicants in the USA applying for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC)June 2015
IMM 5955Medical Condition QuestionnaireAugust 2015
IMM 5956Appointment of Representative(s) in Expected Community of Settlement FormJuly 2021
IMM 5964International Mobility Program Employer Compliance Voluntary Disclosure FormJuly 2021
IMM 5965Important Medical Information: Syphilis Treatment FormJune 2019
IMM 5981Document Checklist: Home Child Care Provider or Home Support WorkerJuly 2020
IMM 5982Schedule 19a: Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker – Education and Language AssessmentJuly 2021
IMM 5983Offer of Employment: Home Child Care Provider or Home Support WorkerJuly 2021
IMM 5984Offer of Employment to a foreign national: Rural and Immigration PilotJuly 2021
IMM 5987Document Checklist: Rural and Northern Immigration PilotOctober 2020
IRM 0002Request form for a Change of Sex or Gender IdentifierMarch 2021
IRM 0004Confirmation of Eligibility for a Reclaimed Name Change Gratis Replacement Document Under Call to Action 17June 2021
IRM 0005Statutory Declaration to Reclaim an Indigenous Name on Canadian Citizenship Certificates or Permanent Resident CardsJune 2021

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