Finding the Best Canada Immigration Packages

Having over 80 pathways, Canada has a wide range of options that all types of applicants and immigrants. This article is aimed at evaluating a dozen of the immigration programs and helping you find the one that best suits you as they all differ in the qualifications required. 

Some categories of immigration programs include:

Economic and business immigration category

This category offers options for people who are skilled or professionals who can help or support the economy of Canada. The options include:

  • Express entry: This is an application system used to manage skilled workers’ applications in Canada. It is said to be the most popular means of immigration in Canada. It offers three programs which are; Federal skilled workers class, the Federal skilled trade class, and the Canadian experience class. Some documents needed for the express entry profile which is to be submitted to IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) include; passports or travel documents, language test results, educational credential assessment report and, a written job offer from an employee in Canada and provincial nomination which are both optional. After the submission of these documents, if you are found eligible, you would receive an invitation and can then proceed to apply for a permanent residence in Canada. 
  • Provincial Nominee Programs: This is also a very common program for immigrating to Canada. It is aimed at people who want to live in a particular province, those who want a permanent residence visa for Canada, and those who have skills and work experiences to support the economy of the province or territory. Almost every territory and province in Canada operates the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program). The application for a Provincial Nominee Program differs by province and territory. Provinces that operate PNP include; Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.
  • Quebec programs: This is also an application for skilled workers. To apply, you would need to get your application package, pay your application fees and submit the application. The fee is about $1,325. The application is in two stages. 

Firstly, you apply to the government of Quebec for a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate), after which an assessment is conducted on you by the province of Quebec using its own rules then the certificate is given to you by the province of Quebec to show that you have been accepted as an immigrant. 

Secondly, if you have been given a CSQ by the province of Quebec, you must apply to IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada) for permanent residence. The processing time takes about 15 to 17 months.

  • Entrepreneur and self-employed programs: The start-up visa program falls under this category. It was initiated to attract entrepreneurs. The start-up program is best suited for entrepreneurs and self-employed candidates who are interested in immigrating to Canada. It targets entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and techniques who will support the Canadian economy, linking them with investors in Canada who will help them in starting up their businesses by investing in their ideas. It also provides permanent resident status. The requirements include proof of language test, proof of sufficient funds to settle in Canada, proof that your business meets the ownership requirements, and approval of your business by a designated investor. 
  • Federal class (caregivers program, rural and northern immigration pilot, Agri-food pilot, and Atlantic immigration pilot) programs

Atlantic immigration pilot: In 2017, this pilot was launched to help employers in Atlantic Canada employ or hire foreign skilled workers and international graduates who want to immigrate to Atlantic Canada or continue staying in Atlantic Canada. This pilot has three programs, each with its requirements. They are the Atlantic International graduate program, Atlantic high-skilled program, and Atlantic intermediate-skilled program. Some documents that need to be submitted by candidates with their permanent resident application include educational credential assessment, the result of a language test, proof of work experience, and proof of sufficient funds to support themselves. 

Agri-food pilot: This program helps in addressing the Canadian agri-food sector’s labor needs. It provides a means for experienced and non-seasonal workers to9 get permanent residence in Canada and will run until May 2023. To apply, you must have eligible Canadian work experience, you must have a genuine job offer (full-time job, non-seasonal), you must have permanent employment and must be in an eligible occupation listed under one of the eligible industries, and must prove that you have sufficient funds to settle in Canada, having at least a Canadian high school diploma or educational credential assessment and also a result of the language test. 

Family sponsorship category

This category is available to family members of permanent residents and citizens of Canada. Citizens are allowed to sponsor eligible family members (parent, grandparent, spouse, dependent child, and orphaned relatives). Sponsors must be 18years and above and have sufficient funds to support the family member they want to sponsor. The super visa program falls under this category. 

Humanitarian and Refugee immigration category 

Canada’s annual immigration target has a significant portion the is dedicated to admitting refugees for humanitarian and compassionate reasons. As a leader, Canada has an international reputation in admitting or accepting new refugees and other immigrants. 

If you feel at risk to go back to your home country or your former resident country, you can seek protection from Canada as a refugee under their refugee claim program as Canada offers refugee protection to those who would be in danger if they had to leave. 


After our evaluation, it was concluded that although express entry is painted as the fastest method of immigration as it processes most applications within six months or less, British Columbia Province Nominee Program and Atlantic immigration pilot are also very fast and has handled seasons of a few months. We also concluded that the least expensive immigration program is the Province Nominee Program (PNP). Others include; family sponsorship and government economic immigration programs (Quebec, express entry, Agri-food pilot, handled and Atlantic immigration pilot). We hope with this assessment, this article has helped you in finding and making a decision on the immigration programs that best suits you. 

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