How Does OINP’s Expression Of Interest Work?

OINP, also known as Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, is one of Canada’s most familiar immigration pathways based on a point system.

Eligible immigrants are selected based on data consisting of their education, language, skills, and job experience as criteria to meet Ontario’s economic and labor market needs.

With the recent implantation of Expressions of Interest, OINP would change from the initial first-come, first-served paradigm to a technique where they develop a CRS score and ranking system based on the approved criteria and then submit applications accordingly.


The registration fee for expression of interest is accessible. You will not be asked to pay any application fee when you are invited to apply to the program. Different streams have their unique application fees.

Give Updated Details

You should endeavor to update your expression of interest in the OINP e-filing portal with recent changes.

Since only accurate details are accepted, they would not listen to an excuse stating you had already put in the wrong information. 

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Validity Duration

When you receive an invitation to apply or cancel your registration, you have a maximum of 12 months to show an interest in registration.

After this time, they will remove your profile from the system. After that, if you are still interested in applying for the program, you will have to register a new expression of interest.

Supporting Documents 

There are supporting documents you must provide to prove the details in your application and to prove that you meet the eligibility criteria.

All documents that support your online application have to be scanned and uploaded during the registration process. Check and confirm the document checklist for the stream you wish to file under.

If the supporting document is not available in French or English, you must provide a copy of your paper and a certified document translation. Please carefully read the Document translation and notarization for more information.


They will refund you your application fee only because your application is incomplete or if you withdraw your application before processing.

However, they will not refund you any fee if your application is unsuccessful.

You can check the status of your application via your account in the OINP e-Filing Portal.

Streams Of OINP’s Expression Of Interest Work

The OINP makes use of an expression of interest system to see out its applications via the following streams:

Employer Job Offer – Foreign Worker Stream 

Employee Assignment – Distribution of Foreign Employees, allows foreign employees with a job offer with a competent job and skills type (0, A, B) National Occupational Classification (NOC) to apply for OINP nomination for a living and operating permanently in Ontario.

Masters Graduate Stream

The Master’s Graduate Stream enables Foreign employees with a job offer in specific in-demand fields such as agriculture, haulage, or construction to apply for a nomination from the OINP to live and work in Ontario permanently under this stream.

Graduate Stream

Ph.D. Graduate Stream empowers international students with Ph.D. from Ontario to apply for OINP nomination. In addition, it makes it possible for them to live and work in Ontario permanently.

Employer Job Offer – In-Demand Skills Stream 

Employer Job Offer – In-Demand Skills Stream allows foreign employees who have a job offer in specific much-needed fields such as agriculture, relocation, or construction to apply for OINP nominations to stay and work in Ontario permanently under this distribution.

Factors That Influence The OINP’s Expression Of Interest Work

Registering an expression of interest does not take the place of applying to the OINP or applying for permanent residency.

Some factors influence the selection of those that meet the criteria for OINP.

A comprehensive list of these factors is based on;

  • Your level and field of education, including where you completed it.
  • Your language proficiency in English or French
  • Your intention to settle outside of the Greater Toronto Area
  • Your skill and work experience level
  • Your earnings history
  • Your employment prospects – job offer in Ontario
  • Your Canadian work experience
  • Your strategic priorities; attributes that would address immediate labor market needs in Ontario or a region of Ontario
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Registration Guide

You should know that doing your registration does not guarantee that you will be invited to the OINP, nor will an invitation to apply guarantee that you will receive a nomination certificate.

You must meet all the criteria required by your stream whenever you apply.

Below are guidelines for registration:

  • Registering An Expression Of Interest

You should endeavor to submit an expression of interest to OINP. This is very important because it will indicate that you wish to be invited to apply before applying to any stream.

OINP takes vital information about the applicant via this registration, like education, language, skills, and job experience.

  • Invitation to Apply

You must receive an invitation to apply for these streams.

When applicants receive an invitation, they have to apply at most 14 days after receiving it.

Step-By-Step Application process

Suppose one gets nominated after applying, he must follow these steps to complete the nomination for Canada PR via the IRCC:

  • It is necessary for you to create a profile in the OINP input portal. After creating a profile, you must register a way to show interest in the interest stream. Your interest registration will remain valid for up to 12 months until you receive an invitation to apply or withdraw your registration.
  • Once you have registered an exciting quote, your profile will be rated and added to the selected site. The following criteria are used to evaluate and select candidates who may meet the economic needs of Ontario.
  • Ontario will be inviting the strongest candidates from each broadcast to apply for the province nomination. Upon receiving the invitation, you must submit an OINP nomination application online at the Filing Portal within 14 calendar days.
  • Once you have obtained the Provincial Nomination Certificate, your next step is to apply for permanent residence through Immigrants, Refugees, and Canadian Citizens (IRCC). The IRCC makes a final decision on who will be a full citizen.

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