How To Secure A Job In Canada As An Immigrant

Are you a newbie in Canada wondering how to land yourself a job in the country? Worry less because you are about to solve half of your problem with the information you will get from this article. Once you are focused and motivated, securing a job in your chosen field is possible. Nevertheless, we advise you to plan completely.

The tips explained below have been carefully compiled based on not just our experiences but also lots of feedback from our loyal contributors. If you apply these tips below, be rest assured of landing yourself a job and get ready to plan for success.

1. Prepare your resume (or ‘CV’) according to Canadian standards.

The first step you must take is to ensure you have carefully read the resume format in the Canadian guide before presenting your resume to employers in Canada. Any resume that is poorly written such as resumes that mention duties instead of personal or team achievements will be discarded thereby stopping you from making an impact and getting a job in Canada even before you get to the interview stage.

You should try as much as possible to read the tips carefully, make sure you understand the objective, and apply these simple concepts where necessary to assist your resume to impress an employer. Please note that your resume is the most important first impression, therefore, you must not fall short at this important first step when applying for jobs in Canada.

If you are invited for an interview, make sure you prepare by rehearsing the interview questions you could be asked. Get updates straight to your inbox!

2. Try to be selective in your job search.

As long as many professions are concerned, responding to online job ads is not an advisable means of securing jobs in Canada therefore you should Be selective in your job search. The common mistake most job seekers make is to blanket bomb about 25 companies with the same resume and cover letter, and as funny as this may sound, most managers in companies interact with each other. There are other effective ways to distribute resumes such as cold calling, networking, and informational interviews.

3. You should be enthusiastic

It is not enough to just submit resumes, always make sure you have a contact for the company and follow them up at least within a week of submitting your resume to indicate your interest, and willingness. Something as simple as a “Thank-you” email after an interview can distinguish you from other candidates applying for jobs in Canada. Though we often neglect these hacks, these marginal gains can give you an edge to getting a job in Canada.

4. The strong endorsements Card

Additionally, having strong references makes it easier to find jobs in Canada. Please only play this card if relevant to the jobs you are applying for in Canada and try to get employment references from your former employers if you can.

5. Make use of the tools available to you

There are social media tools you can leverage such as LinkedIn. For professionals, this social media tool can serve as your online resume and network. What people do not know is that recruiters and employers make use of this tool daily to source candidates for jobs in Canada.

If you don’t know how to navigate through LinkedIn, you can learn tips on how to do so successfully.

6. Know how to network

What networking does is permit you to gain relevant insight and gain important contacts, both socially and professionally. Try as much as possible to research networking events related to your field or enquire from contacts about the best way to meet more people in your profession.

Always have it in mind that most available jobs in Canada never get advertised publicly, this is what we know as a hidden job market therefore you don’t expect such jobs to find you while sitting at home. The essence of networking is to make your name a household one across your industry so that when a job comes up, you will be in the best position to be called in.

Let all the local contacts you have to know that you’re in search of a job, and always be willing to build new contacts because it is important to your success in a new city.

Furthermore, you can expand your local network of contacts and include Canadian work experience on your resume by volunteering. To find volunteer opportunities that enable you to meet people across all sectors of society, kindly visit

7. Be willing to help

When searching for a Canadian job, never turn down any offer of help, simply put, be proactive and determined. You should be willing to pick up your phone and send an email or thank the person who offered you some sort of assistance or guidance.

8. Ensure your qualification is accredited

There are qualifications such as nursing, teaching physiotherapy, social work and so on that require extra accreditations therefore these professions may require your foreign qualifications to be accredited in Canada. Honestly, this process will take a while, you should be prepared.

9. You should be confident.

Irrespective of the fact that immigrating to a new country can be quite challenging just like securing jobs in Canada where you have to build your support network from the beginning can be tricky as well, but be rest assured that just like others, you can accomplish this too!

During this process, it’s essential to believe in yourself and let others know and feel that you believe in yourself too. 

In conclusion

Always check in with your local library as most of them organize regular sessions on how to secure a job in your area. 

Finally, you should know that most foreign workers can, and do, secure jobs in Canada sometimes even before they arrive in Canada. You too can be one of them only if you can be focused and motivated.

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