Outpost Recruitment Process      

What Exactly is an Outpost Recruitment?

An Outpost Recruitment majorly works in construction and engineering recruitment, their headquarters has been situated in downtown Vancouver since the year 2012.

They have a boutique agency with a fortified business foundation and a well-proven track record in providing good quality, cost-effective recruitment solutions to construction and engineering customers across Canada.

Most of their major clients include developers, general contractors, engineering consultancies, and subcontractors from coast to coast, who have the same drive and goal for searching for the best available hire for each position available. 

They are also key partners with your human resources team to broaden your search for the right people to help build and expand your business.

Ever since the year  2012, the outpost recruitment team has been conducting research on labor market requirements in Canada alongside scanning foreign migration patterns to know and achieve the future needs of employers.

The key solution to Canada’s labor market shortages includes a serious approach that demands the sourcing of talents on a local and global scale. Reputation has been built based on helping employers source top-tier talents both internationally and locally, while also reducing the cost of hiring.

5 Necessary Steps Needed To Be Succesful With Outpost Recruitment

Step 1: A Profile Needs to be Created via the Outpost website

Once an understanding of your skillset is well established and an outline of the type of role you are looking for is well established, we can determine if we have a suitable role for you or not.

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Step 2: A Canadian-style Resume Needs to be Created

This is very very important and key to your success, and where Outpost can add maximum value to the process. 

A specific format of the resume is expected to be received by the Canadian employer, and we insist on applying this format to help you maximize your chances of success in Canada.

A well-structured and good resume will bring a whole lot of interviews, assist in interview preparation, and help you attract a higher salary or wage. 

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Step 3: Initial Screening Interview

In situations where we feel we can give a helping hand, a video conference or in-person meeting will be set up with you.

We make use of this opportunity to learn more about you and your preferences, as well as answer any questions you may have concerning the process. This discussion will give us a clear mental picture of how we can help you.

Step 4: Shortlisting and Feedback 

Outpost Recruitment will partner with you to create a profile that will be presented to employers, highlight suitable roles, provide detailed insight into the market, and contact employers on your behalf.

Meanwhile, we ask you as the candidate to help us by taking responsibility for the process and being proactive.

Step 5: Executing the Job Search

The rate of recruitment in Canada is extremely slow compared to many other locations around the world.

Our main role here is to keep you abreast of feedback, get you set and ready for telephone/video / in-person interviews, and provide reasonable counsel as you assess each career option.

Questions That Are Frequently Asked

Why Use a Recruiter?

Outpost Recruitment has specialized in construction and engineering recruitment in Canada since 2012.

We dialogue with industry experts, employers, and candidates every single day, so our fingers are on the pulse of the Canadian construction industry.

Our consultancy service is ee on your resume, job prospects, interview preparation, and salary negotiations to help you be successful in your job search.

Do you Charge a Fee Whenever you Find a Job for the Candidate?

We never charge any fee. Charging a fee for recruitment services is illegal and banned. Our clients, the employers, pay us a fee to help them solve the pain of finding great people.

What Can I Do to Speed up the Process?

We employ you to be open to change and to be proactive throughout the whole process. We enjoy working with people who take charge of their destinies.

Our success is dependent on good teamwork and communication. Please do well to keep us updated throughout the whole process.

Will Making use of a Recruitment Agency affect my Wage or Salary?

Not at all. This is one of the common fallacies about recruitment. Companies use recruitment agencies because they provide a valuable service to their organization.

Recruitment fees are a cost of doing business, the fee is never deducted by the employer from an employee’s compensation package.

The increased popularity of Outpost Recruitment is a  result of our fantastic pool of international candidates and our cost-effective fees, which help employers control their hiring costs, and our caring approach to recruitment also. 

Is it Okay to Apply Directly to Companies or at most to use other Agencies?

It is not a must to use other agencies. We don’t force candidates to work exclusively with us, but we do ask candidates to keep us updated and abreast of their progress.

We must be kept informed and aware of any changes and updates to your job hunt. Strong teamwork between candidates and recruitment consultants is very important to achieve success.

No matter how the situation is, we can’t overemphasize the importance of being in control of your resume.

Make sure you know exactly where it is being sent and make sure a list is being created so that you can follow it up. 

It is very necessary to control where your resume is sent and do well to make sure that any recruitment agency you are working with seeks your permission before sending your resume. Otherwise, it can be very dangerous and harmful l to your job search when an employer has received your resume from multiple sources 

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