Jobs You Can Do In Canada Without A Work Permit

Over time, we come across questions like is it possible for me to work in Canada without a work permit? If yes, what kind of jobs can I do with no work permit? We are here to answer all of those questions through this article.

It is no longer news that for you as a foreigner to work in Canada, you need a work permit. In Canada, there are two major categories of work permits and each of them has a list of employers you can work for.

Nevertheless, there are also jobs accessible to foreigners even without a work permit.

If you are an immigrant searching for jobs in Canada and for some reason do not want to go through the trouble of getting a Canadian work permit, here is a list of jobs that are available to you.

1. Athlete

If you are a foreign athlete competing in Canada, then neither you nor members of your team need a work permit in order to migrate to Canada.

This is to say that both the coach, athlete, and teammates participating in sporting events in Canada do not collectively or individually require a work permit to gain access into the country.

2. Emergency Service Providers.

You can be sent to Canada to provide emergency services, secure lives, and properties therefore, you do not need a work permit to migrate to Canada.

The emergency services could be medical services, appraisers, natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, provincially licensed insurance adjusters, and industrial accidents that can possibly threaten the safety of the environment.

3. Public Speakers

Are you a public or guest speaker expected to speak at specific events? Then you don’t need a work permit to get into Canada. But this can only be possible when the event does not exceed five days.

Nevertheless, there are categories of commercial speakers that may need work permits before they can gain entry into Canada, they include commercial speakers that are contracted by a Canadian business to render training services to probably athletes and so on.

4. Clergy

Who is a clergy? A body of all people who have been ordained for religious duty. For instance; monks, bishops, pastoral animators, and archbishops.

If you fall under this category and you have duties to perform like overseeing the religious event, preaching doctrine, or providing spiritual guidance/ helping your congregation reach their spiritual goals then you are exempted from getting a work permit to get into Canada.

If there is any other thing aside from the previously mentioned then you will need a work permit to gain entrance into Canada.

5. Convention Organizers

In case you have a job that has to do with organizing an event or running international conventions or conferences like, corporate meetings, consumer shows, trade shows, and exhibitions, it simply implies that a work permit is not required of you before gaining entry to Canada.

6. Military Personnel

A person who is a member of an armed force of another nation does not need a work permit to migrate to Canada as long as the said military personnel is on an assignment which must be stated under the terms of the “Visiting Force Act”.

7. Civil aviation inspector

The duty of a civil aviation inspector is one that cannot be neglected. As one, your duty entails checking the flight operations which includes designing, manufacturing, repairing, and also supervising the general aviation or commercial aircraft during international flights. This is hugely governed by the FAA.

Nonetheless, you do not need a work permit as a flight operation inspector or cabin safety inspector on special duty to enter Canada.

8. Farm Work

Yes! There are sections of farm work that include non-commercial and farm work on the basis of volunteering that does not need a work permit. This can only be possible when your main purpose is to carry out these farm activities.

9. Examiners And Evaluators

A professor, academic expert/guide, or examiner who supervises students on their works, evaluates research, or a university thesis does not require a work permit to gain access into Canada.

10. Referee Or Similar Officials

Here is another type of job where you do not need a work permit before gaining entry into Canada.

As a referee, judge, or someone who is a similar official that must be present for the related international amateur sports event or be a judge for an artistic or cultural event such as music and dance festival, animal show, or an agricultural contest which is also conducted by a Canadian organization.

11. News Reporter Or Film And Media Crew

Under this category, any of the following persons can enter Canada without a work permit: members of a reporter’s crew/a news reporter, a journalist who works for a non-Canadian company that prints, broadcast, or delivers internet news services such as magazines, newspapers, television shows, a resident correspondent, a manager or a clerical staff.

But, this can only be possible if the event is short-term (six months maximum) or if the media crew will not join the Canadian labor market.

12. Performing Artists

Foreign performing artists or the artist’s principal support staff (people needed in the performance) are also allowed to come into Canada without a Canadian work permit as long as they will perform for a certain period of time, not involved in making a movie or broadcast, and not being employed in ongoing employment by the Canadian group that has contracted them.

13. A short-Term Highly Skilled Worker

If you are a highly skilled worker and you have a job under the NOC skill type 0 (managerial) or A (professional), you also have the opportunity to come to Canada without a work permit.

But you are only allowed to work up to 15 consecutive days once in six months or up to 30 consecutive days once every year.

14. A Family Member Of A Foreign representative

This is only applicable if you fall under any of these categories: you are the partner or child of a foreign representative, you have a letter indicating no resistance from GAC (Global Affairs Canada) or accredited by the same body.

15. Students Working Either On Or Off-Campus

As a student in Canada who is either working on the university campus or twenty hours a week during your semester and then full time during a scheduled break, then you don’t need a work permit to be in Canada because your student ID already got you covered.

With the aforementioned jobs stated, you do not need a work permit to go to Canada. It is also one of the easiest ways to gain access to Canada. We sincerely hope this article has the answers to all of your questions pertaining to jobs you can do in Canada irrespective of not having a work permit.

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