How To Apply For A Business Number In Canada

Business Number (BN) is a nine-letter number selected by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

It is used as a standard identifier for businesses to facilitate business interaction with the federal, provincial, and municipal governments.

As OCI works with partner funding agencies, OCI must adhere to provincial government standards.

Business Number only applies to people who run a business (sole proprietors) and partnerships if your business is merged. Not all companies truly require a BN.

You only require a business number if you need a system account to deduct certain taxes such as GST / HST, tax deductions, import duties, fill out information returns, etc.

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Different Business Number Application Strategies

There are various ways to apply for a Business Number. You can register online, by post, by fax, or by telephone. If you are working in Québec, go to Businesses operating in Quebec and GST / HST program accounts.

Some of these strategies include:

Online Business Registration

Ideal for businesses with simple registration requirements.

You can use the Online Business Registration to get the business number. You can also sign up for one or more regular Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) accounts for:

  1. GST / HST (RT) system account
  2. Payroll Deductions Program (RP) Account
  3. Import-export (RM) account
  4. Income Tax (RC) system account
  5. Registered RR program account
  6. Return information (RZ).

Non-Resident Business Number and Web Account Registration Form

This service is available to non-citizen businesses who need to register a business number.

This service is the only subscription option available to digital non-residential digital businesses that need to sign up for a simplified GST / HST.

You can use this service to sign up for one or more regular Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) accounts:

  1. GST / HST (RT) system account
  2. Payroll Deductions Program (RP) Account
  3. Import-export (RM) account
  4. Income Tax (RC) system account
  5. Registered RR program account
  6. Return information (RZ).


  1. It is vital that before completing the registration form, you:
  2. Ensure you have all the necessary information
  3. Complete the whole subscription at the same time because you can not save the report at the time of registration
  4. Complete the registration in 30 minutes, as 30 minutes of on-site inactivity will result in a sudden ‘expiration.’
  5. Avoid using the back button when browsing; instead, use the previous button.

By Mail or Fax

If you want a business number, use Online Business Registration instead.

Form printing;

  1. Go to Form RC1
  2. Request a business number and specific account, or, to order a form, visit Forms and Publishing.
  3. Complete Form RC1
  4. Immediately you complete the form, post it or fax it to your nearest tax office or tax office.
  5. To get the office or center, go to the Get CRA address.

By Phone

For business numbers and to register CRA program accounts by phone, call our Business inquiries line at 1-800-959-5525. For service hours, go to Phone service hours. If you want a business number, use Online Business Registration instead.

Before making a call, be prepared to answer all the questions in Part A of Form RC1, request a business number and specific program accounts, and any other questions on the form about the CRA program accounts you want to open.

Who Can Apply for a Business Number?

Any client required to conduct business with the CRA and any partner who has taken over BN must register with BN. Business registration operates under the one business number BN administrative policy.

An entity is granted only one BN regardless of the number of business premises or businesses owned by that business.

Business is defined as the sole ownership of land, a partnership, a company, a trust, a government, or any other organization that identifies it as a charity.

BN registration is not limited to commercial businesses. So, for example, a customer who deducts the deduction from their nanny will not be considered a commercial entity but may still be able to sign up for BN.

Required Documents for Business Number Registration

You will need these documents to register your business:

  • Business ID type (single owner, trust, or partnership)
  • Owner information, including name, social insurance number, occupation, and contact number
  • Personal contact details
  • The official name of the business and its trade or operational name
  • Business location
  • Great business activity
  • The type of system accounts you need

Work of Canadian Intellectual Property Office About Business Number

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) collects BN in compliance with the Canadian Treasury Board Secretary’s Order of Business Number, which directs government programs that provide businesses to collect BN as a standard business identifier.

It is an essential step in a successful business partnership with the government.

BN is a solid incentive to “tell once” about making the government increase service efficiency and improve system integrity, leading to a faster access to services, more crowded forms, and integrated business service delivery.

As CIPO modernizes customer-centered services, it will add a platform for business numbers to client-assisted forms and intellectual property and registration forms.

Government Departments that Collect Business Numbers

All business department departments are expected to use BN as a business-specific identifier under the Business Number Order. In addition, BN is used by eight provinces, even at the municipal level, with the City of Winnipeg.

Sectors within the Canadian Department of Economic Development and Development Science have adopted BN, such as Corporations Canada, Measurement Canada, Competition Bureau, and CIPO.

Benefits of Acquiring a Business Number

In the meantime, businesses should repeat the same identification information when registering for programs. In addition, companies need to manage multiple identifiers and communication systems to update their information.

Once fully utilized, BN will make it easier for businesses to contact provincial or state departments regarding their accounts.

In addition, BN facilitates business communication with the government, as business owners will eventually be recognized in various areas of the government system by their business numbers.


Giving a BN is voluntary. However, if you have a BN, it is highly recommended to provide it when working with CIPO.

For Quebec Businesses and GST / HST program accounts, Revenu Québec generally manages the GST / HST.

Therefore, if your business location is in Quebec, you must complete your returns at Revenu Québec using its forms unless you are a designated financial institution (SLFI) for GST / HST or QST purposes.

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