How You Can Immigrate To Canada Without IELTS

If you are wondering if you can immigrate to Canada without IELTS, we are here to let you know that it is possible. While a lot of international students are concerned about the IELTS, those from English-speaking countries see it as being unfair and the rest think it is just costly. 

Canada’s first official language is English, followed by French as the second. Little wonder why the government of Canada takes the IELTS very seriously, they want to test your English proficiency as a foreign national. The reason behind this is to be sure that you can communicate effectively with the locals.

In a situation whereby you cannot speak the English language, you should be able to speak French at least. Nevertheless, does it mean that if you are not willing to take the English language test or the French language test, you have no business with immigrating to Canada? 

If you are one of such persons, in this article, we will let you know what your options are, therefore, keep reading.

How can I immigrate to Canada without IELTS?

We have taken our time to let you know the possible means of moving to Canada without IELTS below; 

  • Search for Universities that Don’t Require IELTS

For you to school in Canada without taking the English language test or the French language test, you have to first search for universities that don’t require it. This is because the Canadian universities are the ones that usually require the IELT and not the Canadian embassy, but most persons think it’s the other way round. If you are to find a Canadian university that does not require international students to produce the IELTS certificate, then, you have the chance of studying in the country. While you can utilize your google in searching, we have certain top Canadian universities such as the University of Regina, Carleton University, University of Winnipeg, Cambrian College, University of Saskatchewan, and Seneca College, Toronto that doesn’t require IELTS.

Obtain the English Proficiency Certificate 

The good news is that Canadian universities now offer international students another route. You can simply provide an English proficiency certificate which is easy to get stead of taking the IELTS. The best way you can go about it is if you studied in a school where the medium through which you were instructed was in the English language, simply request your certificate and use it as proof of English proficiency. If you are able to get this, you can bid goodbye to the rigors of taking the IELTS. 

Sit for an Online English Language Course 

Truthfully, the main reason why most people do not take the IELTS is that it is expensive, not to talk of all the necessary preparations just to make sure you are successful in the exam. Worst still, when you remember that you are from an English-speaking country, you do not see the need for IELTS. Instead of sitting for the IELTS, you can choose to take an online English language course, because it is much easier than the IELTS, better still, there are no standards required for a pass. Just try and obtain the certificate as proof of English language proficiency, you can search online to find sites that offer this course.

Apply for Canada Work Permit 

A lot of persons are oblivious of the fact that without IELTS, you can apply for a Canadian Work Permit. As we have mentioned earlier, the essence of IELTS is to ensure that you know the language enough to communicate with others while you’re in the country. For you to work in Canada, the basic thing you need is your work permit, and to obtain a work permit, you have to get a job offer from your Canadian employer. Please read carefully, in a situation whereby your Canadian employer does not request for IELTS, then you are good to go, interestingly, most of them do not request for it. 

Furthermore, there are certain circumstances that may really require you to provide an IELTS, and if that is a major concern to you, we suggest that you find those Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs that have low IELTS score requirements and apply for them.

Such PNPs are; Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, and New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Undoubtedly, Manitoba is a wonderful choice of the province to reside in due to a wide range of immigrant communities with a friendly and welcoming outlook towards new immigrants, and incredible job opportunities.

The IELTS score required of you for immigration is a band 4 in each module of the IELTS test. Furthermore, the trick is that when you are cleared for immigration, you should ensure that your close relative already resides in Manitoba, also, this close relative of yours should be ready to sponsor you in order for you to reside in Canada as a permanent resident.

-The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

This is a popular Candian province that selects immigrants with the right skills to reside in the province as permanent residents. 

If you wish to immigrate to this province, the IELTS score required of you is 4.5,3.5.4, and 4 for listening, reading, writing, and speaking respectively, therefore, you need to secure a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 4.

– Lastly, the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

New Brunswick is described as Canada’s most secured and friendly community and the only officially bilingual province, which means that English and French languages are considered equal.

In as much as the population of the province is dense, it still has a higher pay scale than other Atlantic provinces.

It is a Canadian province that usually invites qualified skilled workers from across the globe by continuously hosting job fairs and information sessions for immigrants who possess the required skills, work experience, and education that are needed to boost the economy of the province.

The IELTS requirement is similar to that of the Saskatchewan PNP which is obtaining 4.5,3.5.4, and 4 for listening, reading, writing, and speaking respectively, also, you need to secure a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 4.

In addition to this, you must have a valid job offer from an employer in New Brunswick.

Finally, immigrating to Canada is a wonderful experience that you would not want to miss out on, owing to the fact that it offers quality education, affordable healthcare, and a good standard of living. Irrespective of the fact that the IELTS increases your chances of immigrating to Canada, do not let the inability to get one deny you this awesome experience. Now that you know you can immigrate to Canada without an IELTS, why not try out one of the aforementioned means.

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