Super Visa Health Insurance

It is a known fact that health insurance can help to prevent inviting medical bills you can not afford to pay out of your pocket and also helps to offset the costs of minor medical issues or major ones which also includes surgery and life-threatening conditions but in Canada, it Has way more value than that. If you’re looking forward to staying longer than the six months visiting duration for visitors in Canada. As a parent or grandparent looking forward to spending a long time with a family member who is a citizen of Canada, you require a super visa.

Super visa was introduced in the year 2011 by the Canadian government to reduce the backlog of visitors applying for a longer stay in Canada. It also allows parents and grandparents of citizens living in other countries to reunite with their families within a shorter processing time. It is valid for ten (10) years and allows one to stay up to two years with an option to apply for an extension. According to, a Super visa is an increasingly popular visa with more than 89,000 people awarded visas since the launch of the program. 

Super visa insurance unlike other forms of travel insurance is not just a strong suggestion but a requirement from the government. As an applicant for a super visa, having medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company that covers you for at least one year from the date of entry into Canada is one major requirement of being approved. You need to prove that you are capable and not going to be a financial burden on the public-funded health system. 

Since purchasing a health insurance policy is important, it is advised that you take your time while picking out an insurance policy that best suits you, putting into consideration your age, medical history, and coverage needs as the cheapest is not always the best. 

Some common questions asked concerning super visa health insurance includes:

  • What are the requirements for super visa insurance?
  • How much does super visa insurance cost?
  • What does super visa insurance cover? 
  • Who is eligible for a super visa?
  • How to apply. 

What Are The Requirements For Super Visa Insurance?

To be eligible for a super visa, you must:

  • Be a parent or grandparent of a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. 
  • Have a signed letter from your child or grandchild who invited you, which includes :
  • a promise of financial support for the period of your visitation. 
  • a list and number of people in the person’s (child/grandchild) household.
  • a copy of the child or grandchild’s permanent resident or citizenship document. 
  • Have medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company that is:
  • valid for at least a year from the dye of entry.
  • at a minimum of $100,000 coverage. 
  • have proof that the medical insurance has been paid. 

Documentary requirements 

Applicants for the super visa must also provide the following additional required documentation; 

  • proof of their relationship to the child or grandchild (who must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident), such as
  • a copy of the child’s or grandchild’s birth certificate.
  • a copy of the child’s or grandchild’s baptismal certificate.
  • another official document naming the applicant as the parent or grandparent
  • proof of an immigration medical examination.
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Date of coverage
  • Primary destination in Canada 
  • Contact information 
  • Statement of medical condition (if any).

How Much Does Super Visa Insurance Cost?

Depending on your destination (province or territory), the cost of super visa insurance varies. According to the data gotten from, Super visa insurance costs an average of $1,660 per year for individual travelers who have purchased $100,000 in coverage with a $1,000 deductible. While the average cost for two people (couple) purchasing super visa insurance together with $100,00 coverage and $1,000 deductible in coverage each was $2,839 per year. The cost of super visa insurance also varies depending on the usual factors such as age, what deductible you want, and pre-existing medical conditions. 

What Does Super Visa Insurance Cover? 

It provides medical insurance which covers:

  • Hospital care
  • Emergency medical
  • Medical evacuation 
  • Prescription medication 
  • Emergency dental care
  • Travel assistance 
  • Special coverages

Health insurance policies differ in their packages, hence, it is advised that you carefully purchase your super visa insurance by comparing and reading through policies thoroughly policies. 

Who Is Eligible For A Super Visa?

You must be a parent(s) or grandparent(s) of a citizen or permanent resident of Canada to be eligible for super visa insurance. It is also necessary that your child or grandchild invites you to apply for a super visa and meets the minimum necessary income. 

The applicant(s) also meet the requirements and provide the necessary documentation listed above. 

How To Apply 

Application for a super visa must be done from outside Canada. You can apply online or on paper. For assistance, you can get help with your application at your nearest visa application center (VAC).

Why you should apply online?

  • Your application is gotten instantly without courier fees or mail delivery time.
  • Online applications may be processed more quickly thus avoiding processing delays.
  • Incomplete applications are returned to you. 
  • Applying online helps ensure your application is complete before you submit it.
  • If we need to ask for more documents, you can quickly submit them online.
  • You don’t need to submit your passport until we ask for it.
  • Get updates on the status of your application directly in your online account.


Canada’s super visa program could be the solution if you want to spend the holiday together with your family (including parents and grandparents who are citizens of other countries)in Canada. Canada giving free health care to everybody is a common misconception as there are limitations to their health insurance program. A tourist or visitor is not covered by the Government Health Insurance Plans (GHIP) hence, the requirement for visitors to Canada under super visa to purchase individual medical insurance plans in case of an emergency. Now you understand why emergency medical insurance is a requirement. We hope we have helped you understand the benefits of super visa health insurance, how to apply, the requirements and also made you feel better acquainted with the Canadian super visa. 

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