The Grocery Shopping Experience In Montreal

One exceptional fact about Montreal is the quality and wide range of options for grocery shopping in Montreal.  Well, this didn’t come off as a surprise as a result of the cosmopolitan nature of the city. If there is one reason why you should move to Montreal, it should be because of the quality of food available therefore be prepared to be invited around for dinner regularly (and don’t be afraid to return the invitation).

Though very few local dépanneurs (corner stores) sell fresh groceries, most of them sell basic items like tinned and frozen food. Additionally, a lot of neighborhoods in Montreal possess few specialty ethnic food stores. We have explained a concise summary of options for grocery shopping in Montreal below.

The Grocery shopping experience in the public markets in Montreal

Jean-Talon Market:

This farmer’s market is widely known in Little Italy as the best in town. Interestingly, this market is usually open throughout the year even during Montreal’s severe winters. The open-air arcades of Jean-Talon Market during the peak summer period are usually invaded by about 300 vendors of which most of them are farmers from the countryside around Montreal. 

A trip to this market will be worth your time because it is generally surrounded by other food businesses such as meat, fish, and cheese stores, bulk food emporiums, big dealers in all sorts of spices, and imported goods, bakeries, and eateries. 

Atwater Market:

Do you know that this market has been in operation for as long as eight decades and it is situated in the Saint-Henri area. You can find this farmers’ market where it is housed in a long Art Deco building, and serve as a home to an array of quality butchers and the Première Moisson bakery and restaurant. Also, outside the market, you can find many stalls selling local and imported produce at a very fair price. You can as well locate two cheese stores, a wine store whose specialization is in local spirits, and a fish store.

Lachine Market:

The good news about the Public Market of Lachine is that it was recently renovated and is currently accessible by bike from the cycle path of the Lachine Canal and by car from the 20 highway. Nevertheless, if you are visiting for the first time, you must know that it is not within walking distance of a Metro station. Interestingly the market is the oldest public market in Montreal and is usually open throughout the year. Apart from the usual goods, you can find in public markets, you will also find butchers, a fish shop, a beautiful product store, and a cafe. 

Maisonneuve Market:

Unlike the aforementioned markets that stay open throughout the year, only the exterior stalls and 10 indoor food stalls are open year-round in the Maisonneuve market located in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood. The market is surrounded by exotic buildings that could make you forget the variety of products found at the large markets, such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, meats, cheese, baked goods, and fish. The previous site of the old market was located at the Beaux-Arts style building which was built before World War I. 

Grocery shopping in Montreal: Supermarket chains

Amongst all the Montreal supermarkets, which of them do you think is the best chain for you? You should explore the different options in your neighborhood and get a sense of which of the supermarkets give the right variety, convenience, and most importantly, affordability to suit your needs.


This market can be best described as a full-service province-wide chain as a result of its ability to have numerous Montreal locations in recent years thereby making it one of the preferred choices available for grocery shopping in Montreal. Here, you can get the perfect cheese, bread, and fresh meats with a  very big frozen section located somewhere down the back.


This is a chain of supermarkets, but they mostly sell higher-end brands. Although a weekly shop there can amount to above $100 at the till, but be rest assured that the quality is often worth the outlay.


As a result of the spacious nature of the city, it is possible to find yourself residing close to the Metro supermarket. There is a piece of good and bad news about this development. Your ability to enjoy a wide range of local and imported beers is the good news, while the bad news is that there are times when you cannot buy everything on your shopping list because Metro can sometimes run out of some goods you would expect to find in an urban supermarket. Another advantage is that they remain open even at late hours.


If you come to PA supermarkets, one distinct thing you will notice is the hectic atmosphere found there and this fact underlines a simple reality: affordability. In case you are looking for accommodation in Montreal, try and find out if there is a nearby PA. Honestly, you will be glad that you stayed close to them because of the quality meat, produce, and bread they offer and they are of good value.


This is an urban supermarket that offers most of the items you may need for a weekly shopping trip so you are advised to keeop an eye out for daily deals.

Super C:

Super C is known for selling a wide range of less expensive brands which is why it is particularly famous among young families in the suburbs of Montreal. Although Super C has not invaded close to downtown Montreal, there is one situated in Saint-Henri.


Adonis was launched by Lebanese immigrants in the 1970’s, and currently, it has a lot of locations across Montreal. Adonis deli counter, the highlight is known to be the favorite among students and workers who are looking for a large, but affordable lunch. Additionally, it operates as a full-scale supermarket.

Grocery shopping in Montreal: independent supermarkets


Though Montreal grocery stores come in different varieties, Segal’s is best described as a Montreal institution and is situated at Boulevard St-Laurent, close to the corner of Avenue Duluth. You can easily miss your way because the name is not written outside. Furthermore, Segal’s may be found wanting as regards sophistication and aesthetics, but it more than makes up for it in charm and affordability. Also, there is a careful selection of fresh produce, with passages where frozen food, dairy, and more are displayed. Another thing that makes shopping at Segal’s an interesting experience you cannot afford to miss is the haphazard layout.

Intermarché Akhavan:

This famous supermarket has is known for its specialty in products from Iranian, Middle-Eastern & Mediterranean products, as well as bulk items.

Other Options for Grocery shopping in Montreal


We cannot say that this is a supermarket, but it is more than a regular dépanneur and the locations are situated across Montreal. Please do not go there hoping to find fresh products, but instead, you will find the kinds of things you would usually see in 7-eleven in the United State such as already-made sandwiches, coffee, salty snacks, dairy, and alcohol.


This is a very large warehouse that harbors a lot of the major daily items you buy at the grocery store and people who know them tend to go for their very high-quality meats and produce, and even buy toiletries in large quantities. It’s also your best bet if you want to buy any household items or electrical goods. Truthfully, making a trip to this plan is worth the time and you will enjoy it the more if you are buying for lots of people, so you have to make sure you have ample freezer and fridge space and even a car.

We have been able to exhaust all you need to know about Montreal grocery shopping and kindly let us know which of these markets you are eager to visit.

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