Living In Toronto

Living in Toronto, especially anywhere near the city can be expensive. Rent is among the highest in Canada, and other typical monthly expenses such as telephone, groceries, and cheap transportation are also available.

Analysts at calculate that to pass through Toronto, one needs to earn $ 40,583 (before tax) to cover the city’s living expenses.

Here are the expected monthly bills for a single person living in Toronto:

  • Homes Around $ 1672.13
  • Phone and internet for about $ 127.50
  • Transportation / Taxi / Uber / Lyft for about $ 176.25
  • Grocery estimated at $ 283.60
  • Entertainment is about $ 354.00
  • Health and fitness are around $ 75.00

Estimate at $ 2688.48 in total.


When people ask what Toronto is like, they can say many positive things about the Toronto lifestyle.

  • Life in Toronto is probably the perfect introduction to Canada. It is considered the largest city in Canada, and its diversity makes it possible to find the symbol of many cultures from around the world here.

For us, that was a bonus point. We also love our Indian food for obvious reasons, and Toronto is not short of Indian groceries, utilities, and restaurants. Overall, the standard of living in Toronto is good – especially if you like winter sports.

  • Traveling around Toronto is a breeze. Although many locals complain about the public transport system (TTC), it is never easy to get somewhere in the city or city by public transportation.

The main route is by tram (a street carriage as it is called in Toronto), or in the direction of the central lane from north-south or east and east than a limited subway. Traveling by Uber and Lyft is affordable, and Go Trains connects the city of Toronto with the suburbia within the Great Toronto Area (GTA).

  • If you are searching for Entertainment, Bars, and Clubs, Toronto is your city: It has excellent entertainment. However, do not come to us if you find that you have spent all your money on drinks.

  • The people of Toronto themselves are receptive and often willing to help those who seem lost or need help.

For example, during our first few months in Toronto, we were invited to a meal to thank new friends; actually, motorists are waiting for you when you run. As well, people have always been excited to explain how things work in the city.

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  • Summer! As a consolation prize for the extended winter months, Toronto gets a hot and humid summer: Which means always spending the summer out of town near the lakes (better start saving that summer home now), a trip to the Toronto Islands by boat, and plenty Of things to do in Toronto in the summer.

From browsing Farmer’s Markets and Food Ceremonies to enjoying the green spaces outside the city. Toronto residents seem to have their summer routine: We’ve noticed that many seem to be giving up their shorts coming May 1st – whether the outside temperature is above freezing or not.


  • The standard of living has been steadily rising in Toronto in recent years. Among the most expensive to live here are housing and transportation costs, with a monthly Toronto Transit passport worth $ 160.

Alcohol will cost you a fortune (as it does all over Canada), and if you consider owning a car, you may want to look at insurance prices first.

With clothing, all self-respecting Toronto people cross the border into Buffalo, NY, every so often when there is a selection of clothing products at about 30% less expensive. Living in Toronto is excellent for newcomers if you want city life, but it will cost you.

  • The Construction. As Toronto has grown in popularity as a residential area, it has quickly run out of accommodations for its young and old, which are exceptionally affordable. More housing is needed.

The appearance of Toronto, like many other “cities of the world,” has been filled with cranes. Come in the summer, and many of the city’s luxury condo is surrounded by its construction.

Although development is needed (and is due to immigrants like us), we met the reality of living on a massive construction site: Where we can open our windows without being greeted by a predictive dig song.

  • Food – this can be controversial, as, for many, Toronto is a restaurant with a wide variety of food and restaurants inspired around the world.

Our article was about the quality of the ingredients. Given that Ontario soil becomes frozen most of the year, it is challenging to grow delicious meals without the help of artificial and most of the food is imported from the US.

So what was wrong with our stomachs compared to what we were used to in Europe and India.

  • Canadian Winter is no joke. If you like cold weather and winter games, you can skip this; you will be fine.

You have every right to be so for those who love warmer climates and are concerned about the Canadian winter! One of the worst things about Toronto that you will probably never forget is the weather.

In the winter in Toronto, newcomers need to be well-prepared. That means heavy winter coats made from the ground up will set you back a few hundred dollars. You should own a coat that at least falls on your thighs and has a hat. Hats, gloves, and boots that can handle snow are all right.

However, apart from winter itself, their effects. Much of Toronto seems busy, and social services are on hold for all but not the most committed.

As a result, it is easy to stay home and not do much at all, leading to stress.

One of the most challenging things about Toronto’s standard of living was not how cold the winter was, but how long it took. In March, I heard that daffodils should be visible, but snow usually stays in Toronto until mid-May.

Important Points

At the time of writing, a one-bedroom condo (dorm) in downtown Toronto (very small) can quickly go around, costing about $2000 a month without resources.

If you plan to move away from the city, that will reduce the rent to $ 1500 per month. Living with others can be a great way to save money too.

Mobile / Mobile apps are some of the most expensive globally, and you can quickly expect to pay around $ 100 a month for your phone. Grocery costs about $ 500 a month for two people.

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