Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)

Yukon is a province in Canada and it is one of the fastest developing provinces in Canada. Yukon is naturally beautiful with various employment and job opportunities for immigrants or foreigners who desire stability and job security.

For immigrants whose desire is to live and work in Canada, Yukon Nominee Program is one of the means to facilitate their permanent Resident approval.

Yukon has a population that is a little above 30,000, it is the smallest among Canada’s three territories yet it is the territory with the biggest City.  skilled and semi-skilled workers are in high demand in Yukon to fill the labor market demand. Whitehorse is the territory’s capital

Yukon Nominee Program (YNP) is a provincial Nominee Program (PNP) that provides series or various methodological pathways for immigrants or foreign nationals to become Canadian permanent residents.

Why you should choose Yukon?

  1. Yukon is less competitive because of its remote territory, hence a lot of applicant for Canadian Permanent Resident often ignore it, applicants for Yukon Nominee Program stand a better and greater chance of getting Canadian Permanent Resident using the Yukon Nominee Program. 
  2. Yukon has a low population, which is a big advantage to immigrant who desire to relocate to Canada, with a population a little above 30,000, Yukon definitely wants her population to grow hence the Yukon Nominee Program is one of the ways to grow her population.
  3. Skilled workers are in high demand by employers of labor in Yukon, if you are a skilled worker, Yukon is a sure means of relocating to Canada.
  4. in a bid to develop her economy and attract businesses, the Yukon immigration authorities are searching for immigrants whose desire is to invest and grow businesses in Yukon, hence the Yukon Nominee program has a stream for business owners or investor who wishes to relocate to Yukon in Canada.

Yukon Nominee Program Immigration Streams

The Yukon Nominee Program comprises five immigration streams, with each having a specific targeted group of immigrants or foreigners who desire to relocate to Canada.  The streams are;

  1. Business Nominee
  2. Critical Impact Workers
  3. Skilled Workers
  4. Yukon Express Entry
  5. Yukon Community Pilot

Yukon Business Nominee

The Yukon Business Nominee stream is a means in which individuals with entrepreneurial skills or experience who are interested in owning or establishing a business in the Yukon and business owners, whose intent is to relocate his or her business to Yukon get permanent resident in Canada to live in the Province of Yukon.

The Yukon Business Nominee Program is divided into two,

  • Entrepreneur
  • Professional Self-Employed

Requirements for the Business Nominee Program

Immigrants who intend to get Canadian permanent Resident using the Business Nominee Program must pass the following requirement.


  1. Individual must possess necessary education or experience to implement the business plan
  2. Individual must be proficient in English language or French.
  3. Individual must make a minimum of $150,000 CDN equity into starting or buying a business
  4. Individual must have visited the province at least once before the application

Professor Self–Employed

  1. Individual must submit a detailed business plan
  2. The individual must show proof that he or she has the financial capacity to bankroll the business.
  3. Individual must be proficient in English language or French skills
  4. The individual must meet the certification or accreditation requirement for the occupation or profession.
  5. He or she must have a profession that has been certified or listed as professional skills.
  6. Individual must have visited the province

Yukon Express Entry

The Yukon Express Entry stream is a platform in which an applicant with an active Express Entry Profile and a valid job offer from the province of Yukon applies for a provincial nomination from Yukon. 

The advantage of this is that it helps in facilitating successful applicants to receive expedited processing of their Immigration applications.

Requirements for Yukon Express Entry

  1. Applicant must have a VALID JOB OFFER
  2. Applicant must have an active Express Entry Profile
  3. Applicants must be able to meet minimum income requirement
  4. Applicant must show commitment that he or she will live in Yukon permanently.

Skilled Workers Program

THE Yukon Skilled workers stream gives foreigners or immigrants with skills, work experience, and a valid job offer from companies in Yukon the platform to receive Provincial nomination.

Individuals with Yukon skilled workers provincial Nomination can apply directly for Canadian Permanent Residence from Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC).

Requirements for Yukon Skilled worker Program

  • Applicant can not be a refugee claimant
  • Applicant must be proficient in communicating in Canada official languages
  • Applicant must have approved and certified license from territorial body governing their trade or profession
  • Applicant must have a valid permanent job offer from firms or employer in Yukon

Critical Impact Worker

The critical impact workers stream is similar to the Skilled worker’s program with a little difference.  The Critical Impact Workers street gives an opportunity to qualified workers with semi-skilled, work experience, and a valid job offer from companies in Yukon or employers in Yukon to receive Provincial Nomination.

Individuals with Yukon critical impact worker provincial Nomination can apply directly for Canadian Permanent Residence from Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC).

Requirements for Critical Impact Worker stream

  • Individual must possess the required work experience and skills
  • The critical Impact workers streams is not for refugee claimant
  • Individual must have a work permit and must have worked in the position for six months
  • Individual must have sufficient fund for settlement support

Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)

The Yukon Community Pilot (YCP) is a recent stream of the Yukon Nominee Program. YCP was introduced to specifically addressed and resolved both the economic and labor market needs of the Yukon.

Yukon is in dire need of skilled workers to meet the labor demand of her economy, hence to meet and fill the job market and recruit top talent to Yukon, the Yukon Government will issue invitations to skilled and experienced workers with a two years location-restricted work permit for a qualified candidate.

Requirement for Yukon community Pilot

  • The person must have two or more job offers
  • The job offers must be within Yukon.
  • The minimum work hour per week must not be less than 30 hours
  • The wage must exceed or meet the minimum wage
  • Necessary skill for the job is mandatory
  • A signed letter from the Yukon Government
  • The eligibility for work permit must be met

Documents required for Yukon Community Pilot

  1. Nomination letter from Government of Yukon
  2. A signed letter of support from the Government of Yukon

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