25 Best Grocery Stores In Montreal

Montreal is a beautiful city that has so many grocery stores. Sometimes, you may seem lost in trying to spot a favorite amongst the many grocery stores in Montreal. They have specialty groceries as well as grocery necessities.

Spotting a grocery store that suits your needs relieves you of passive stress.

Best Grocery Stores In Montreal

Below are the best 25 grocery stores in Montreal. They include:

1. Charcuterie Noel

Charcuterie Noel is one of the best Montreal stores that have Italian groceries. It is one of the best food shops in Montreal Nord for you.

Included with a full selection of imported products, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, edible foods, baked goods, processed foods, and butchers, no desire for Italian groceries Charcuterie Noel can satisfy. 

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2. IGA

We cannot write about the best grocery stores in Montreal without talking about the great larger grocery store. An IGA Extra right on the Boulevard Henri-Bourassa will store whatever you need.

It is excellent to choose from; it also has reasonable prices and good wholesale sales! Of course, you can try next time if you need a grocer.

3. Le Marché Esposito

Le Marché Esposito is one of the most beautiful grocery stores in Montreal. Esposito is famous for offering your choice of local brands and ethnic products worldwide at low prices.

So whether you want your favorite Italian meat or locally grown apples, Marché Esposito will also have it at a great price.

4. Euro Marche

Euro Marche has a good reputation in Montreal. It is located just across Boulevard Saint Michel and Rue Fleury East.

The goal of Euromarche is to bring European flavors to your table, so it is something that any European person will love.

5. Super C

Super C happens to be people’s favorite grocery store in Montreal. Super C is a good store that can satisfy all your grocery needs at once. Whatever you need, Super C will have it at a great price and probably for sale.

6. Les Marchés Tradition

Les Marchés Tradition is a famous grocery store in Montreal. One of Montreal’s seven Les Marches Tradition stores is rue Charleroi.

Packed with fresh fruit and vegetables and a full-featured buffet service, Les Marches Tradition may keep your new favorite grocery store in Montreal Nord. Les Marches Tradition prices are reasonable, and the best part is their fantastic grocery sales.

If Les Marches Tradition is not one of the best food shops in Montreal Nord, we do not know what it is.

7. Adonis

Adonis is one of the most visited grocery stores in Montreal. The Middle East grocery store is top-rated for its cheap groceries and a wide selection of raw materials, such as falafel, shish taouk, and fattoush.

And a great place to store baklava, cookies, and cakes. There are seven other Adonis locations in Greater Montreal, including Brossard, Laval, and Pierrefonds.

8. Boucherie Atlantique

Boucherie Atlantique is a family store in Côte-des-Neiges specializes in German and Austrian delicacies, plenty of meat, and a special daily lunch served during the week.

9. Le Butterblume Comptoir

Cheery Butterblume is a firmly established grocery. It is a destination for coffee and mid-week cake and a new favorite Mile End brunch.

10. Charcuterie Hongroise

Charcuterie Hongroise is a grocery store where highly recommended schnitzel sandwiches and salami spices.

11. Comptoir Sainte-Cécile

Comptoir Sainte-Cécile remains one of the most sought-after groceries. It combines both their energy with charcuterie plates and snacks on the menu and the famous spaghetti bolognese sandwich. And an excellent choice for weekend brunch.

12. Épicerie Umami

It covers all the bases; the Umami mixed shop sells groceries and home cooking kits and has a store chef who creates a hot, healthy menu. Sandwiches and soups are also available for download.

13. Librería Española (Española)

Librería Española is a grocery store looking for a meat sandwich or salchichón sandwich in one of the city’s most unusual shops.

14. Euro-Deli Batory

This cozy and attractive Mile End store has a small lounge front where one can indulge in pierogies, a steamed sausage sandwich, or cabbage rolls. Grab a pot of homemade sauerkraut and a Polish street DVD.

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15. Fou d’Ici

Cheese, products, and meat from Quebec highlight this expanded gourmet market. They also have a cafe with baked goods and plenty of lunch prepared, such as garnished salads, soups, and sandwiches.

16. La Maison des Pâtes Fraîches

La Maison des Pâtes Fraîches is a good destination to stop by. They have all you want in a grocery store.

17. Mako Meat Market & Delicatessen

Parc Ex Polish deli, known for its sausages both cooked and ready to cook, also makes packaged meat sandwiches like Polish ham and cheese and Hungarian salami.

18. Marché Méli Mélo

Go behind this prestigious Afro-Caribbean market to find great plates of Haiti specialists like pork and beef tasso, with lots of beans and plantains on the side. They also opened a new restaurant dedicated to Rosemont, Méli Mélo Le Néo Resto.

19. L’Olivier

Olive oil, harissa, and cookware lined the shelves of this Tunisian store overlooking the Jean-Talon Market.

In the warmer months, the counter offers merguez sandwiches and tags. You can still pre-order to get four or more orders in winter or pick up new baked goods for the weekend.

20. Marché Oriental St-Denis

The primary market on the corner of Saint-Denis and Jean-Talon is a destination for a range of products, noodles, and imported Asian goods. Previously, it also sold $ 2.99 dairy sandwiches and hot tubs like pork over rice.

21. Marché Soupson

The newly expanded market on the outskirts of Vallery is a one-stop-shop for hummus, salads, and homemade sandwiches paired with a revolving vegetable soup in the center.

22. Miyamoto Épicerie Japonaise

Miyamoto Épicerie Japonaise is a grocery store that finds cunning Japanese ingredients. It also sells sushi and sashimi lunch and snacks such as tuna and salmon nigiri.

23. Marché Italien Le Richmond

Although more popular as a restaurant than a grocery store, Le Richmond features a high-quality Italian grocery near its glossy restaurant that includes pasta, pizza, and chi-chi brunch for the weekend.

24. Sabor Latino

Both Petite-Patrie and one from Plateau in the Latin American market have attached restaurants that offer plates of rice and beans, pupusas, and large pipes including fried chicken, barbacoa beef, and pork ribs.

25. Tortilleria Maya

A small Mexican grocery store makes its corn tortillas and chips and salsas and guacamole of various spices. Hosted by the nearby El Rey del Taco, the hot tub offers the same satisfying menu.

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