Canada Arranged Employment Opinion

Canada is one of the most desirable destinations in the world for employment opportunities for immigrants, however these Employment opportunities isn’t possible without the Canada Arranged Employment Opinion. 

 If you are planning on immigrating to Canada, then you will need to obtain an AEO from a Canadian employer. 

This article will provide an overview of the AEO process and what you need to know in order to get one.

What Is An Arranged Employment Opinion? 

An Arranged Employment Opinion is an opinion provided by Employment and Social Development Canada that assesses whether a job offer is genuine and meets certain conditions.

The arranged employment opinion (AEO) is a document that is required by the Canadian government in order to immigrate to Canada. 

The AEO is issued by a Canadian employer and is used to show that the employer has made an offer of full-time, permanent employment to the applicant. 

The AEO is a requirement for certain immigration programs, such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and can also be used to support a work permit application.

The purpose of an Arranged Employment Opinion is to help protect foreign workers from being exploited or taken advantage of by employers who may not have the best intentions.

The Purpose Of The Canada Arranged Employment Opinion 

An Arranged Employment Opinion is an opinion issued by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) that assesses whether a particular job offer is genuine and meets the criteria set out in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.

The opinion is based on information provided by the employer, including:

  • The employer’s business activities
  • The duties of the position being offered
  •  The qualifications required for the position; and
  •  The wage being offered.

ESDC will also consider whether the position is likely to lead to permanent employment in Canada.

The purpose of an Arranged Employment Opinion is to help ensure that foreign nationals who come to Canada under the Express Entry system are able to find employment that meets their skills and experience.

The Process Of  Obtaining An Arranged Employment Opinion 

The process of obtaining an Arranged Employment Opinion is relatively straightforward here is a guide below:

1 . The first step is to submit a complete application package to Service Canada. This package must include a job offer from a Canadian employer, as well as other required documentation.

2. Once the application is received, Service Canada will review the job offer to ensure that it meets all of the necessary criteria.

3.  If the job offer is found to be valid, Service Canada will issue an Arranged Employment Opinion. This document will confirm that the applicant has been offered a genuine, full-time position with a Canadian employer.

Applicants who have received an Arranged Employment Opinion will be given priority processing when applying for permanent residence in Canada.

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The Advantages of An Arranged Employment Opinion 

There are many advantages to having an AEO here are some of them: 

1. Firstly, it can help you get your work visa application approved more quickly.

2.  Secondly, it can help you score points under Express Entry, the federal government’s new system for managing economic immigration applications. 

3. An AEO can give you peace of mind knowing that you have a confirmed job offer from a Canadian employer.

4. Finally, an AEO program was created to help employers who are unable to find qualified Canadians or permanent residents to fill their job vacancies. The program allows these employers to hire foreign workers on a temporary basis.

The Disadvantages Of An Arranged Employment Opinion 

There are also some drawbacks  attached to the arranged employment opinion  for several  reasons:

1 .First, the program has been criticized for being too costly and time-consuming. It can cost an employer upwards of $5,000 to apply for an AEO, and the process can take several months.

2  Second, the AEO program has been criticized for being biased in favour of large corporations. Small businesses and startups often cannot afford to pay the high cost of an AEO application, nor do they have the resources to wait several months for approval.

3.  Thirdly, the  AEO program has been criticized for not doing enough to protect Canadian workers. 

Many Canadians feel that the program creates an unfair playing field by allowing employers to import foreign workers instead of hiring Canadians.

4. The AEO program has been criticized for causing skilled workers to be displaced from their jobs.

 In some cases, foreign workers with lower skills are brought in on AEO-approved work permits, displacing more qualified Canadian workers.

How Long Is An Arranged Employment Opinion Valid? 

An Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO) is valid for six months from the date it is issued. After that, you must reapply for a new AEO if you want to continue working in Canada. 

Can an Arranged Employment Opinion be used more than once? 

An Arranged Employment Opinion can be used more than once. However, the validity of the Arranged Employment Opinion may vary depending on the time frame in which it was issued. 

For example, if an Arranged Employment Opinion was issued within the last six months, it is still valid. If an Arranged Employment Opinion was issued more than six months ago, it is no longer valid and a new one must be obtained.

What If My Job Changes After I Get My Arranged Employment Opinion? 

If your job changes after you get your Arranged Employment Opinion, you will need to update your application to reflect the new job. 

You will need to provide evidence that the new job is similar to the one described in your original application, and that it meets the requirements of the National Occupational Classification system. 

If you are unable to provide this evidence, your application may be refused.


This guide has hopefully given you a better understanding of Canada’s arranged employment opinion.

If you are thinking about moving to Canada, or if you are already living in Canada and looking for work, the Canada Arranged Employment Opinion can be a valuable resource.

Do well to drop your suggestions and questions in the comment section.

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