Canada Work Permit For Students

While schooling in a reputable educational institution in Canada, all students have the opportunity to also work to support themselves. 

However, to do this they will need a work permit. This article will discuss Canada work permit for students. 

Keep in mind that not all jobs will require students to get a work permit. Even though certain off-campus occupations may be free from work permit/LMO requirements, the majority of them do.

Canada aims to make it easier for international students to integrate into Canadian society. For students who want to work in Canada, there are numerous choices.

The options for student work permits in Canada are shown below:

Options For Student Work Permits In Canada

1. On-Campus Work Permit Exemption

A Canadian work permit is not necessary for full-time international students who have a valid Canada study permit and want to work on campus.

2. Off-Campus Work Permits

 If a foreign student’s school takes part in Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s off-campus work permit program and that student is enrolled full-time in a study program in Canada, they may be permitted to work off-campus (CIC).

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3. Co-op Programs & Internship Work Permits

There is a significant exception to the usual rule that international students do not require a separate work permit to work while studying in Canada.

To graduate from several study programs, every student must complete a Co-op or internship work placement. In this case, in addition to their study permit, overseas students also need a Co-op work permit.

A letter from your university or college stating that all students in your program must complete work placements to receive their degrees is required in order to obtain a Co-op work permit. You will also need a valid study permit.

With your study permit, a collaborative working permit may be issued. Your work permit application could be submitted along with your study permit application if your acceptance letter specifies that a Co-op or internship placement is necessary as a component of your academic program.

You can submit an online or paper application for a Co-op work permit after you have already received your study permit. 

Given that the placement is a requirement of your academic program and since they likely assist many overseas students in applying for this visa each year, your institution or college should be able to assist you with this.

4. Post-Graduate Work Permits

A Post-Graduate Work Permit may be available to international students who have completed academic programs in Canada that lasted at least eight months. 

The validity of your Canada employment permit will often be the same as that of your Canada study permit.

You may be eligible to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), which would allow you to work anywhere in Canada for any employer for up to three years after graduating if you intend to stay and work in Canada.

If you meet the requirements and want to remain in Canada and work, you must submit an application within 180 days of obtaining written confirmation that your studies program is complete.

You can continue working between study programs if you’re beginning a new one (or instance, pursuing a master’s after earning your bachelor’s and if you met the following requirements:

  • While enrolled in your previous study program, you were permitted to work off campus;
  • If you possess a current study permit or have sought an extension prior to the expiration of your permit;
  • If you got a documented acknowledgement that you finished your program.
  • If you possess a letter of acceptance from a DLI for a new full-time study program, and plan to begin your new course of study within 150 days of receiving an affirment that your prior program has been successfully completed.

5. Work Permits for the Spouse of a Foreign Student

A marriage partner who is traveling with a foreign student who has a valid study permit from Canada is also eligible for a study permit from Canada or an open work permit, which is not conditional on having a job offer or a Labour Market Opinion.


Can you get a work permit with a student visa in Canada?

If your study permit has a restriction that allows you to work on or off campus, you could be able to work in Canada while you’re a student.
 Additionally, you must satisfy all other conditions. Only once you begin your studies in Canada are you able to begin working. Prior to starting your studies, you cannot work.

How do I get a 3 year work permit in Canada?

If the qualified DLI has acknowledged in the written proof of program completion that the degree is 16 to 23 months in length, and does not contain routine breaks, only Officers may issue 3 year post-graduation work permits to persons who finish a graduate or doctoral degree in Canada.

How many Hours is  a student allowed to work in Canada?

20 hours a week is the maximum you can work. 
You are in violation of the terms of your study permit if you work more than 20 hours per week. 
If you do this, you risk losing your student status and risk having future requests for a study or work permit denied.

Can I get PR in Canada after 1 year?

Applying for a Post Graduate Work Permit after completing a one-year study program is one of the finest ways to obtain permanent status.
 This will not only help you get relevant Canadian job experience, but it will also help you raise the CRS score on your Express Entry profile.

Can a student visa be converted to a work permit?

Holders of student visas may convert to the skilled worker category if they match the requirements for that visa category. 
However, those on short-term student visas are ineligible to apply to change their status to that of a skilled worker.

What is the fee for work permit in Canada?

That is If you are applying from inside Canada.

What is the minimum GPA for a work permit in Canada?

a 2.0 Grade Point Average

Can I get a 3 years work permit after 1 year of study?

The duration of a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) can range from eight months to three years.

How long does it take to get a work permit after 1 year in Canada?

The duration of a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) can range from eight months to three years. 
Your permit’s duration will be determined by the length of the Canadian study program you finished.
 The term of the permission will not exceed the duration of your academic program.

Can I work while waiting for my work permit in Canada?

Yes you can, but If all of the following conditions were met at the time your application was made, namely: 
 You had a valid study permit
You had finished your program of study
You were qualified to work off-campus without a permit. 

Can I bring my family to Canada on a work permit?

Your family members must apply to visit, work, or study in Canada if you are seeking for a work permit and they wish to join you there. They are free to apply at the same time as you.

How long does it take to get a work permit in Canada?

Work permits for Canada are normally processed between 1 to 9 months on average.
 When the IRCC receives your complete application, the processing period begins. It ends when they make a decision. 
The type of application submitted will affect how long processing takes.

How Long is a work permit valid?

Migrant workers who are unskilled or semi-skilled typically receive a Work Permit (WP). The duration of the work permit is typically two years, depending on the worker’s working time, security bond, and passport validity.

Do I Need Ielts for a Canadian work permit?

Anyone requesting a work permit from Canada is not required to take the IELTS or any other English or French language test.


From this article, we’ve seen the various opportunities available to you if you want to get Canada’s work permit for students. 

 As seen, students who have a current study permit for Canada not only have an easier time getting a work permit, but they may also qualify for several other programs for Canadian permanent residency.

So, from this article, you can choose which option you want to take to get your Canadian student work permit and make plans towards getting it. 

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