Ontario Occupation In Demand List 2022

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is an excellent pathway for individuals who wish to immigrate to Ontario.

Through the program, the province selects skilled immigrants with the required work experience to live and work in the province as permanent residents. 

The main aim of this program is to meet the shortage of skilled labor and contribute to the economic development of the province hence foreign skilled workers with job offers in the occupation in demand list are granted entry to the province.

Ontario occupation in demand list is a database that catalogues top priority occupations or professions in Ontario.

Follow us as we explore the Ontario occupation in demand list, the application procedure to apply for high-demand jobs, and its requirements. 

Ontario Occupation In Demand List

The following is a list of top priority occupations in demand in Ontario OINP. As a skilled worker with work experience in any of these occupations, you stand a good chance of being nominated for the program. 

National Occupation ClassificationJob Title
NOC 0114Other Administrative Services Manager
NOC 0601Corporate Sales Managers
NOC 1122Professional Occupations in Business Management Consulting
NOC 0124Advertising, Marketing and Public Relation Managers
NOC 0621Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers
NOC 1111Financial Auditors and Accountants
NOC 3012Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses
NOC 0111Financial Managers
NOC 1114Other Financial Officers
NOC 0651Managers in Customer and Personal Services

Ontario is a hub of a variety of industries including finance, technology, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and ICT.  The following are ICT job titles and profiles or occupations in demand in Ontario:

National Occupation ClassificationJob Title
NOC 2173Software Engineers and Designers
NOC 2174Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
NOC 2147Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers and Designers)
NOC 2175Web Designers and Developers
NOC 2172Database Analysts and Data Administrators
NOC 0213Computer and Information Systems Managers

Note: Candidates should seek job offers that are full-time and have permanent positions. Candidates with full-time and permanent employment have 1,560 paid working hours per year and a minimum of 30 paid working hours per week.

These job offers do not have an end date which essentially means that the duration of work is not specified in permanent job offers. 


Program Requirements

Express Entry ProfileNo
Connection to ProvinceWork Experience
Job OfferYes
Language ProficiencyCLB 4
Level of EducationHigh school
Work ExperienceIn-Demand Occupation List1 year
Investment RequirementNone


Applicant Requirements 

Job Offer

Candidates must have a valid job offer from an Ontario employer to be eligible to apply.

The job offer must be for a full-time position, paid at or above the median wage level for that occupation in Ontario, and must be in Ontario’s occupations in demand list.  

Language Proficiency

Candidates are required to have at least the minimum Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB) Level 4 showing proficiency in English or French.

Candidates can present any of the following approved test scores; 

For the English language

  • IELTS: International English Language Testing
  • CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

For the French language:

  • TEF: Test d’evaluation de francais pour le Canada

Level of Education

Candidates must have at minimum Canadian high school diploma or its equivalent in another country. Applicants are required to get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) to prove equivalency for their educational qualifications.

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Work Experience

Candidates are required to have a cumulative amount of at least 12 months of full-time work experience obtained within the past 36 months before the application is submitted.

The work experience must be obtained from an occupation in the occupations in-demand list. 


If the position an applicant or candidate requires a license to practice, the applicant must provide a valid license, certificate, or authorization to practice the profession.

The license or certification provided must be issued by an eligible regulatory body in Ontario.

Settlement Funds

Candidates are required to prove that they can support themselves and their accompanying family financially by meeting the settlement funds requirement.

One way to demonstrate this is by maintaining a valid offer of employment with annual compensation.

Intention to Reside

Candidates must also prove their intention to settle and work in Ontario. You can demonstrate this through your connections to the province like relatives, past education, investment in the province such as the purchase of property, or efforts to participate in Ontario society (volunteering, work experience, etc.).

Employer Requirements

Employers in Ontario are expected to meet the following criteria;

Job Offer Requirements

The employer must offer a full-time, indeterminate position with a wage that meets industry standards.

Business Requirements

The company offering the job must be established and in good standing in Ontario and have a history of good workplace and business practices. The company is also required to meet minimum gross annual revenue and employee requirements:

  • Must have a  minimum of CAD 1 million in gross annual revenue, and at least five full-time employees inside of the Greater Toronto Area 
  • Must have a  minimum of CAD 500,000 in gross annual revenue, and at least three full-time employees outside of the Greater Toronto Area

Recruitment Requirements

Employers are required to show that reasonable efforts were made to recruit a Canadian to fill the position before offering the position to a foreign national.

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What Are The Documents Required To Apply In Ontario Demand Occupation List

Individuals applying for OINP’s In-Demand skills stream are required to submit the following documents alongside their application:

  • Identity documents
  • Status documents in Canada
  • Job Offer documents
  • Documents supporting the candidate’s work history
  • Education qualification documents
  • Language test results
  • Documents to prove that the candidate meets the settlement funds
  • Other optional documents (if applicable)

Application Fee

  • If the job offered is in the outside of Greater Toronto Area, it costs CAD 1,500
  • Ithe job offered is within the area of Greater Toronto (Durham, City of Toronto, Halton, York, and Peele region), it costs CAD 2,000

Application Procedure

Candidate who meets the requirements can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through 

OINP’s e-Filing Portal. Profiles are ranked in order on an OINP points-based system. 

Candidates with the highest marks on the system will be issued an invitation to apply in one of the OINP draws.

Once you receive an invitation, you will have to apply for nomination within the next 2 weeks and if your application is approved by the province, you will be notified that you have been selected for provincial nomination. 

The notification will be sent to your ONe-Key account within the e-Filing Portal. 

After receiving a provincial nomination, you can proceed to submit a federal application for permanent residency in Canada. 

Applications for permanent residency are paper-based and applicants are expected to fill and submit them by mail to the appropriate address. Typically, it takes about 18 months to process paper-based PNP applications for permanent residence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which NOC Code Is In Demand In Ontario 2022?

NOC 0213 – Computer and Information Systems Managers. 
NOC 2172 – Database Analysts and Data Administrators. 
NOC 4031 – Secondary school teachers. 
NOC 2147 – Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers)

Is OINP Open In 2022?

Ontario conducted the draw for OINP- Skilled Trades stream on the 7th of September, 2022, to issue 1,521 Notifications of Interest (NOIs) to apply for provincial nomination.

Who Is Eligible For OINP?

Be an approved permanent, full-time job offer in a highly skilled occupation (NOC 0, A or B)
Meets the prevailing wage levels in Ontario for that occupation. Have two years of relevant work experience.

What Is The NOC List?

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) list is a database that is developed by the government of Canada that categorizes all occupations in the country present in the Canadian labor market. 

How Many Points Are Required For OINP?

Candidates are first required to have a minimum of 67 points to be eligible for the Ontario provincial nominee program (OINP)’ Human Capital Priorities Stream.

Can I Apply For OINP Without Job Offer?

Yes, you can apply for Ontario Immigration Nominee Program without a job offer. You just have to select the appropriate stream of OINP. The program has many different categories to choose from so you can choose which best suits you. 

How Long Does It Take To Get An Invitation For OINP?

The Employer Job Offer Category takes 60-90 days, except for the International Student stream which takes 90-120 days. 
Business Category, the Expression of Interest (EOI) takes about 30 days to process.

When Was The Last Draw For OINP?

The last draw for OPNP was held on September 29, 2022. A total of 1,340 ITAs were issued to OINP candidates with a Score range of 266 and above points.


Language test results must come from one of the following designated testing agencies: 
IELTS (General Training Test only) for English 
CELPIP (General test only) for English

How Long Is OINP Valid?

Your expression of interest will be invalid after 12 months. If you are still interested in applying to the OINP, you will have to register a new expression of interest.


By now you must have known the occupations in demand in Ontario. The implication of this is that people with work experience from various job profiles can apply to get job opportunities and secure flourishing careers. 

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program is considered as having the fastest processing times and easiest steps to follow.  

If you meet the requirements and are skilled in any of the professions in the occupation in demand list, you can apply and expect a positive outcome. 

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