Is It Better To Live In Edmonton Or Calgary

You’ve decided to relocate to Alberta because of its low cost of living, beautiful scenery, and those wonderful days when Albertans get more sunshine than residents of any other province.

Two cities may come to mind if you have done some research. And you’re probably perplexed about whether you should live in Edmonton or Calgary.

The Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Calgary as the fifth most liveable city in the world, with a population of 1,392,609.

While Edmonton was recently ranked as the 60th best city in which to live. Calgary, Canada’s cleanest city, has a population of 1,321,426 people, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit.

You may wonder which city is the best fit for you. Our comparison chart will assist you in deciding whether to live in Calgary or Edmonton.

Calgary vs. Edmonton Public Transportation

Light Rail Transit is the name given to public transportation in Calgary (LRT). In Edmonton, it is known as the Edmonton Transit Service (ETS).

LRT Ticket Prices

Calgary’s public transportation system consists of two LRT (Light Rail Transit) lines known as the C-Train and buses.

Both accept cash, credit cards, and ticket purchases. The buses accept cash as well, but you will not be given a chance. Passes and tickets can also be purchased at various grocery stores, drug stores, and convenience stores throughout the city.

A one-time fair lasts 90 minutes, whereas a pass is valid all day. The Calgary Transit website has all of the necessary information. Airdrie Transit, ROAM Transit, and On-It Regional Transit are the city’s three major transit providers.

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ETS Ticket Prices

ETS is Edmonton’s transportation authority, which operates public transportation. It operates over 900 buses, 90 light rail vehicles, and 100 DAYS (Disabled Adult Transit Service) vehicles as public transportation.

Remember to factor in airfare when comparing Calgary to Edmonton. Both cities are well-served by low-cost public transportation. Edmonton’s light rail (LRT) system expands and improves the city’s bus services. At the same time, Calgary’s CTrain runs for over 118 kilometres.

Edmonton or Calgary: What to Do

It will take some time for you to figure out what to do in Calgary and Edmonton. It’s also beneficial to have a diverse range of leisure activities available in these two cities.

Calgary Entertainment

If you live in Calgary, consider going to the Calgary Zoo. The majority of visitors enjoy this day trip with their children and families. You might also enjoy photographing the Calgary Statue, Canada’s Hall of Fame, and Heritage Historical Park, among other exciting attractions.

The town’s nightlife is also a source of contention. Cowboys Nightclub in Calgary is unique. The Calgary Tower is unquestionably the highlight of the itinerary. The tower is 1228 meters in height above sea level. It offers a panoramic view of the city of Calgary.

Edmonton Entertainment

If you enjoy nature, the River Valley Parks in Edmonton are unquestionably the best. These lovely parks are ideal for getting some fresh air and going for a walk.

Other parks you might enjoy while living in Edmonton include West Northlands Park and Elk Island National Park.

The Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton will undoubtedly impress you if you are interested in art. This is an excellent opportunity to discover and appreciate the fantastic artwork on display.

Calgary housing vs. Edmonton housing

When the cost of renting a home in one of Edmonton’s more expensive neighbourhoods is compared to the cost of renting a comparable house in Calgary, rental rates are roughly 23 per cent lower.

With the cost of internet, TVs, and utilities decreasing in Edmonton, the monthly cost difference between living in Calgary and Edmonton is significant.

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Calgary vs. Edmonton Job Opportunities

When it comes to employment and employees, both cities shine in their ways. Each city’s job market benefits people at various stages of their careers.

The energy sector has a significant impact on jobs in both Edmonton and Calgary. Nonetheless, many industries contribute to the employment of people in Calgary and Edmonton.

In terms of employment, approximately 25% of Edmonton residents work in the public sector. It could be a government position, an academic career, or a position in health care, all of which are becoming more common.

Meanwhile, the number of public sector employees in Calgary is decreasing. Professional and managerial positions are the most in demand in Calgary. Nonetheless, many of these jobs have been dropping ever since the building commenced 

Moving to Edmonton should be a more serious consideration if you need to keep your current job. With that in mind, Edmonton wins the competition for the city with the best employment prospects and job markets!

While Calgary has a wider range of late-night activities, including more nightclubs and a different vibe, Edmonton is far more libertine. The Calgary Stampede, for example, is one of North America’s most well-known festivals.

Calgary has many more green spaces and appears to be a much more modern (in terms of architecture) city. It has a more appealing appearance and a larger population.

The C-Train is also available in Calgary. This is far more efficient than the Edmonton version. Furthermore, the Stampeders and Flames are superior to the Eskimos and Oilers.

Edmonton has a much older appearance and fewer green spaces in the downtown area. This is compensated for by the West Edmonton Mall.

Nightlife and Restaurants

Restaurants in Calgary such as The Bow Valley Ranche and River Café put you at ease while also providing the genuine essence of a wonderful vacation.

Locals recommend The OEB Breakfast Co. Bridgeland and The Himalayan for their fresh cuisine. Foodies should visit Blue Star Diner and SS106 Aperitivo Bar for a delicious meal.

To name a few more tourist favourites, Workshop Kitchen+Culture, Santorini Greek Taverna, and Minas Brazilian Steakhouse are all excellent choices! After you’ve eaten at these restaurants, you’ll fall in love with them.

Padmanadi, ATLAS Steak+Fish, Café Amore Bistro, and Vaticano Cucina are some of Edmonton’s most popular restaurants. Dadeo Diner & Bar, Guru Restaurant, Homefire Grill, and The Canadian Brewhouse all serve delectable fare.

These restaurants have received excellent reviews on the internet, and regulars frequent them.

Other notable establishments on the list include Bistro Praha, La Ronde Restaurant, Smitty’s Family Restaurant, and Ruth’s Chris Steak House. These carefully chosen establishments offer the best service and cuisine.

Calgary’s nightlife is superior to Edmonton’s, but both cities are distinct in their own right. Edmonton also has some of the busiest months for nightlife.

You’ll be blown away by the crazy crowds, outrageous costumes, loud music, and limitless drinks at some of the most popular nightclubs!


If you enjoy nature, mountains, adventure, and snow-covered vistas, Calgary is the place to be. Calgary also has some of the world’s best museums, each with its distinct collection of art and artefacts.

Edmonton’s picturesque beauty will captivate you. The River Valley, which is centred in Edmonton North, has the longest stretch of urban parkland in North America, which is one of the reasons Edmonton’s popularity has grown.

Whatever city you choose to live in, you will find happiness. You must base your decision on your specific preferences and needs.

Talk to people who have moved to Edmonton or Calgary to find out what it’s like to live there. Before making that life-changing choice, conduct research yourself.

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