Queensland Skilled Occupation Lists

The Queensland Skilled Occupation List depends on the number of job vacancies in Australia. This page will give you all you need to know about Queensland’s skilled occupation list. 

Top Queensland Skilled Occupation Lists

The Queensland Skilled Occupation List is the official list of occupations in Queensland. Here are the current top occupations on the Queensland Skilled Occupation List:

1. Accountants

Accountants are in demand. A Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) degree, relevant work experience, and a CPA qualification from Chartered Professional Accountants Australia (CPA Australia) are required.

You must be part of CPA Australia for a minimum of three years before you can apply for this role.

2. Airplane Pilots

If you’re interested in becoming an airplane pilot, you will need to:

  • Hold a license.
  • Have at least 200 hours of flying time.
  • Pass a flight test.

You will also need to be medically fit to fly and pass an ongoing medical examination every two years when renewing your license. It is called the Class 1 Medical Certificate.

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3. Audiologists

Audiologists help people understand the hearing and balance of their ears, which can affect their ability to hear certain sounds. They also work with children who have learning, speech, or language disorders.

To become an audiologist in Queensland, you need to complete an accredited postgraduate program at an approved university or college.

The courses include a minimum of 3 years of full-time study (each year must be completed within six months), followed by an additional minimum of one year’s work experience within a community service role while completing your final thesis project.

You will need to meet minimum educational requirements, including:

  • Two years of higher schooling (preferably in science).
  • At least four years of relevant experience. 

4. Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists are professionals who work with dentists to prevent and treat oral diseases. They examine patients’ teeth, gums, and mouth tissue, make recommendations for preventing tooth decay and gum disease, fillings or crowns for missing teeth, cleaning of artificial dental prosthetic devices (e.g., dentures), etc.

Dentists are general medical practitioners who diagnose diseases based on;

Physical examination of their patients’ mouths; 

Prescribe medication when necessary; 

Perform surgeries if needed; 

Provide emergency care when necessary through hospitalization or outpatient visits at a clinic; 

Help educate patients about their condition so they can better manage their condition in future visits with them (as well as in the future).

5. Dental Prosthetists, Dental Technicians, Dental Therapists, And Orthodontic Assistants

Dental prosthetists, dental technicians, therapists, and orthodontic assistants work in private dental practices and assist dentists with fitting artificial teeth. They also help to restore teeth by making crowns and bridges or by placing fillings.

Environmental health officers ensure that people are safe from environmental hazards and that everybody complies with environmental laws.

6. Environmental Health Officers

Environmental health officers (EHOs) inspect food premises and other places where food is prepared, sold, or served. They inspect hotels, motels, clubs, and other places where people stay overnight.

EHOs may also work in private households to ensure that the welfare of children living there is protected from harm caused by the environment they live in.

For example, EHOs may monitor the cleanliness of a home environment, such as how often it is cleaned; whether there are any dangerous chemicals around; if there is enough water available for drinking purposes; whether rubbish gets taken out regularly, etc.

7. Occupational Hygienists And Occupational Health And Safety Advisers

Occupational hygienists and occupational health and safety advisers are professionals who assess the health and safety of a workplace.

Occupational hygienists and occupational health and safety advisers help keep the work environment conducive by identifying hazards, such as toxic materials or dangerous chemicals, and making sure that the law is followed regarding their use in manufacturing processes.

They can work in various industries, including mining, construction, manufacturing, or healthcare.

To be an occupational hygienist or occupational health and safety adviser, you must have the following:

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the field of occupational health and safety, industrial hygiene, public health, or a related field
  • At least two years experience working in an occupationally relevant role (e.g., as an assistant manager) before enrolling in university.

8. Speech Pathologists & Veterinarians

Speech pathologists assess, diagnose and treat speech and language problems in children and adults.

Speech pathologists work with people who have hearing or speech problems, such as stuttering, lisping, or voice disorders. They also work in clinics, schools, and hospitals.

The typical duty of a speech pathologist involves the following:

  • Assessing the patient’s needs by taking their history (i.e., what their doctor has told them). This includes questions about their symptoms as well as any relevant background information, such as allergies to food or medications they might be taking regularly;
  • Conduct an initial evaluation using standardized tests that measure whether a child has difficulty communicating verbally. If so, then providing them with treatment options depends on whether those difficulties are due to cognitive delays such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other conditions like dyslexia or apraxia.

Veterinarians and veterinary surgeons are highly sought after in Queensland. They can work in various settings, including vet clinics, animal shelters, zoos, and wildlife sanctuaries. 

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9. Web Designers, Multimedia Designers, And Web Developers

Web designers, multimedia designers, and web developers are required to work with various software and hardware tools to create websites. They use these tools to create graphics, logos, text, and other content.

Web designers should have at least a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or website development. However, they can also have experience working in other creative fields, such as advertising or marketing.

Web developers must have an equivalent level of education but may not need an undergraduate degree.

What are their working conditions? Web developers usually work in offices but may also be required to travel on short-term assignments where they will be located away from their homes; this job description varies depending on where you live in Queensland (or Australia).

The salary range for web designers is $60k-$120k per year based on experience. However, wages are typically higher when working overseas due to the exchange rates between the local currency ($AUD) and US dollars ($USD).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Queensland Open For Offshore Applicants?

This Skilled Migration Program for the financial year 2022-23 will be open to both onshore and offshore applicants.

Is The 491 Visa Still Open In Qld?

The Australian Government has allocated Queensland a total figure of 4,435 places.

3. What Is The QSOL List?

The 2022-23 Queensland Skilled Occupation List (QSOL) below is for skilled offshore workers only.

4. Can Foreigners Enter Queensland?

There are no restrictions on visitors from all around Australia entering Queensland. All visitors and Queensland residents can freely travel into Queensland, with no vaccination or border declaration requirements.

5. Which State Is Open For A 491 Visa Offshore?

Queensland is opening its 2022-23 migration program for both offshore and onshore (subclass 491 and subclass 190) with effect from 16 August 2022.

6. Is A 190 Or 491 Visa Better?

Differences. 189 visa doesn’t require nomination or sponsorship. Subclass 190 visa requires a nomination from a State or Territory Government agency, while subclass 491 visa requires a nomination from a State or Territory Government agency or sponsorship by an eligible relative who resides in a regional area.

7. How Do I Get A 491 Visa In Qld?

Provide evidence of permanent employment with a Queensland employer that is registered in Queensland for the next 12 months (minimum 35 hours per week).

8. Which State Gives PR Easily In Australia?

However, the answer to which state is easy to get a PR in Australia is Tasmania.

9. Can I Buy My PR In Australia?

The world is a big place. Buying citizenship is a legal and government-approved way to acquire citizenship in Australia.

10. What Is A Regional Occupation List?

The Regional Occupational List (ROL) contains a set of skilled occupations created by the Department of Employment (DoE) and the Home Office.


The aforementioned list can be found on the Australian Government’s website, which allows you to use this information to find out if any jobs match your skills and qualifications.

The fields in the Queensland Skilled Occupation list have a median annual salary of $54,000, which is significantly higher than other average occupations. 

For more information, you can leave a message in the comment box. 

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