Canada To Welcome Those Fleeing The War In Ukraine.

Over two million people have migrated out of Ukraine following the Russian invasion in less than two weeks. Many Ukrainians have had to escape as refugees, and Canada is now proud of Ukraine’s second-largest diaspora in the world.

For example, Canada is known for welcoming refugees, those from Vietnam in the 1970s, Syria, and Afghanistan recently, and is regarded as a global leader in refugee resettlement.

But Canada’s response to the Ukrainian people fleeing the war is different from the previous policy.

The bold decision of the Ukrainian people has strengthened the world, and Canada is unwavering in its commitment to support Ukraine as it fights for its sovereignty and democratic values. Countries share.

I am responding to Vladimir Putin’s full-blown attack on Ukraine, says the Honorable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Nationality.

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Canadian Thought Measures to Help the People of Ukraine.

Canada has announced the launch of the Canadian-Ukraine Emergency Travel Authorization (CUAET). CUAET is a unique, fast-paced temporary settlement for Ukrainians seeking a haven in Canada while the war in their country continues.

Through CUAET, Ukrainian people and their immediate family members of any nationality may reside in Canada as visitors for up to three years.

Applicants overseas need to make an online application for a Canadian visitor visa and provide their biometrics (fingerprints and photos). In addition, applicants are advised to register for a three-year open work permit simultaneously with their visa application. This will enable them to work in Canada.

Under this unique program, the most common requirements for a regular visitor visa or work permit have been waived.

As such, elementary and high school students can enroll and start school as soon as they arrive in Canada. In addition, anyone who wants to study at the post-secondary level can apply for a one-year study permit in Canada.

Applicants not having a valid passport can still apply, and immigrants, refugees, and Canadian citizens (IRCC) will issue a single travel document to each location, where applicable.

Ukrainian workers, students, visitors, and Canadian family members also benefit from these measures.

They may apply for an extension of their visitor status or work permit for three years, apply for a job or study permit, or extend their existing license. The IRCC will reimburse all costs of an extension application and an application for a job or study permit.

The IRCC waives all application fees for these programs to reduce the burden on applicants.

The Canadian Government also asks employers who wish to support the Ukrainian people with a job offer to register for these offers on the Jobs for Ukraine web page.

The Labor Bank will then work with local organizations and employers to help them connect with Ukrainian people looking for work in their communities. More information will be available soon.

The IRCC will continue to monitor many travelers and their needs closely and will take action as needed.

Canada is working tirelessly to help Ukrainian people and their families get to Canada as quickly and safely. We are already prioritizing and accelerating applications and are limiting applications and processing costs.

They have increased our operational capacity in the region, anticipating increased demand. It includes transporting staff and delivering additional resources and tools, such as portable biometric kit kits.

We also streamline office operations throughout our global network to ensure continuous service in Ukraine.

Ukrainian people and their family members are exempt from the entry requirements for the Canadian COVID-19 vaccine.

However, they still have to meet all other public health travel requirements, such as solitary confinement and testing. Therefore, without limitation, all travelers to Canada, including anyone arriving under CUAET, must also use ArriveCAN.

CUAET and the Labor Bank will play a key role in supporting the Canadian Government’s response to Vladimir Putin’s vicious attack on Ukraine. But, most importantly, these measures help us do our part to welcome more Ukrainians to Canada.

Quick Facts

  • Visa applications can be sent online from anywhere in the world. Biometrics can be issued at any visa application center (VAC) outside Ukraine.
  • Under normal circumstances, CUAET will facilitate the rapid processing of visa applications within 14 days of receiving the complete application.
  • All visa applicants will have a routine background check and a thorough examination before coming to Canada.
  • CUAET is a temporary settlement and not a refugee stream.
  • Those wishing to relocate to Canada permanently can apply for permanent residency under various immigration programs and streams. The IRCC is also promoting a special permanent broadcast of family reunification.
  • The IRCC has established a dedicated Ukrainian immigration service station available to Canadian and overseas customers at 613-321-4243 and collected calls are welcome. In addition, clients can add the keyword “Ukraine2022” to the IRCC disaster website with their query, and they will prioritize it.
  • Employers who wish to support the Ukrainian people with a job offer can register for available jobs using the Job Bank Jobs for Ukraine web page. Job Bank is a free website that offers employers access to thousands of potential employees and free and secure job postings.
  • The extraordinary measures of the Ukrainian people will not affect the processing of refugee applications. Canada remains firm in its commitment to accommodating individuals through our government-funded and privately funded refugee programs, including the reception of at least 40,000 Afghan refugees.

Possible Changes for the Future

Both the Canadian and EU responses have unanswered questions about the alternative management of travelers.

The Canadian answer only applies to Ukrainian people. The EU rate includes third-party nationals fleeing war as long as they live legally in Ukraine. Both responses leave unregistered people vulnerable.

Lack of legal protection options and reported incidents of discrimination mean that not everyone has security access.

The migration of people from Ukraine will continue indefinitely. It’sIt’s still early days and the Canadian response will undoubtedly emerge.

But it should be more engaging, talking to non-Ukrainian refugees fleeing the country. In addition, temporary protection ensures that the Ukrainian people are brought to a safer place as soon as possible.

Temporary measures burden refugees with applying for multiple legal procedures that do not guarantee permanent residency. As fugitives’ advocates, we are tired of giving limited rights to temporary protection instead of establishing strong security and resettlement programs.

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