Pathways To Immigrate To Canada From Nigeria

The migration from Nigeria to Canada has increased dramatically in recent years. As a result, Nigeria is one of the primary sources of Canadian immigrants, with more than 15,000 Nigerians as immigrants to Canada by 2021.

For many Nigerians, moving to Canada presents a wealth of opportunities unavailable to them in their home countries.

Political stability, a thriving economy, and internationally respected schools make Canada a top destination for Nigerian immigrants.

Here are popular routes from Nigeria to Canada:

Express Entry

Express Entry is a fast and trendy way for newcomers looking for a new life in Canada. Express Entry plans and processes applications for people wishing to relocate to Canada and find permanent residence in Canada.

Students with university or college degrees with work experience who have the skills and limited knowledge of English and French are qualified. For this reason, Nigerian experts often do well in the Express Entry lake.

Students who qualify for the following programs are also eligible to apply for the Express Entry program:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) 
  2. Federal Skilled Trades (FST) 
  3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

Thirteen provinces and territories of Canada use their immigration programs, Provincial Nomination Programs, or PNP.

As provinces have different demographics and economies, their immigration plans are other and designed to suit their economic and demographic needs.

PNP is a popular choice because it can be the fastest way to permanent residence in Canada.

If you are nominated for PNP-related Express Entry, you will receive 600 points from the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). As a result, you will get an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residency in the next Express Entry draw.

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Family Support

Family reunification is a significant factor in the migration of Canada. Canada offers several immigration programs that give Canadians the opportunity to support their family members in Canada.

To support a family member as a permanent resident under the family class of support, the sponsor must complete the following conditions:

  1. Be a citizen or qualify as a permanent resident at least 18 years old.
  2. They live in Canada if they are not permanent residents. Canadian citizens can support a family member even if they live abroad. First, however, he must stay in Canada, where the sponsored family member becomes a Canadian citizen.
  3. Have sufficient resources to provide financial support to the funded person within the stipulated time.
  4. In addition, the sponsor must comply with additional requirements such as not receiving public assistance (other than a disability), meeting financial obligations including the support of timely sponsored family members, having a clean criminal record, etc.

Requirements for Being a Sponsor

  1. You must be at least18 years.
  2. You and the sponsored relative must officially have a sponsorship agreement that obligates you to provide financial support to your relative, if necessary. The agreement also states that people who are full-time citizens will do their best to support themselves.
  3. You must support your spouse financially for three years from the date they become a permanent resident.
  4. You should provide financial assistance to the foster child for ten years or until the child is 25 years old, depending on what comes first.

Family Members Not Affected by Immigration to Canada From Nigeria include:

  1. Your spouse
  2. Common-Law Partner
  3. Marriage partner
  4. Dependent children
  5. Parents
  6. Grandparents
  7. Brothers or sisters, nieces and nephews, grandchildren or great-grandchildren, those under 18 and who are not married.
  8. Accompanying relatives of the above (spouse, partner, and dependent children).

Canadian First Visa Program

If you are an entrepreneur with a new business idea, you may be eligible to move to Canada with a first visa application.

Canada is looking for talented entrepreneurs interested in starting businesses that will boost the Canadian economy while creating jobs for its citizens.

Qualified persons may enter Canada with a work permit and be granted permanent residency in Canada once they have established their own business.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

One of Canada’s most well-known business plans is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.

It is the only permanent investment program that leads to permanent residence in Canada.

Quebec Investor’s withdrawal is suspended until June 30, 2020. It is unknown whether the coronavirus will affect the reopening of the program.


  1. Personal legal income of $2 million;
  2. Two years of competent management or business experience within the five years before the application;
  3. An investment of $1.2 million in a fixed government-guaranteed five-year investment without interest;
  4. It intends to reside in the province of Quebec.

Owner-Business Entry

Students who want to move to Canada from the UAE should also consider buying a business and moving to a Canadian program.

Federal Owners-operator laws allow a candidate to buy a business and move to Canada with a temporary work permit before moving on to permanent residence under the line.

Under this policy, a work permit is issued after the sale and transfer of ownership of a majority stake that is profitable.

Study in Canada to Apply for a Postgraduate Work Permit (PGWP)

Studying in Canada with a student visa does not directly provide you with a permanent residence permit. However, it is an important step that can significantly enhance your chances of finding a permanent home upon completion.

It is noteworthy that obtaining a Canadian degree, such as a certificate, diploma, or degree, gives you great opportunities. They are considered Canadian credentials in your case of an application for relocation.

In addition, studying a program that lasts more than eight months in Canada qualifies you for a Postgraduate Work Permit. This work permit allows you to live and work anywhere in Canada.

With it, you can get job experience to earn big money after your studies. Therefore, with your education and work experience in Canada, you have the opportunity to apply for your permanent residency status.

Other Federal Economic Programs

Suppose you have a job offer in the most sought-after area or the rural or Atlantic area of ​​Canada. In that case, you may be qualified to apply for permanent residency through another government economic program.

The Canadian government provides various economic assessment programs to fill vacant or demographic posts in specific regions or sectors across Canada.

Cost of Moving to Canada From Nigeria

Moving to Canada from Nigeria can usually be $2,300 for one applicant or $4,500 for couples. This fee is different depending on the program you wish to apply to.

Keep in mind that this figure does not include the fees that most candidates have to prove to qualify for moving to Canada; this amount will vary by family size, from about $13,000 to one applicant.

Benefits of Moving to Canada From Nigeria

  1. The nature of acceptance
  2. Work
  3. The education system
  4. Affordable immigration system.

Important Notes

If you have a desire to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria, you will probably need to take tests in the official language of Canada. Most Canadian immigration programs require candidates to submit French or English language results from an accredited organization.

You can take an IELTS or CELPIP test to demonstrate your English language skills. Both CELPIP and IELTS have testing facilities in Nigeria.

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