Pathways To Immigrate To Canada from South Africa.

Obtaining a Canadian Visa, planning a temporary trip, or moving to Canada from South Africa are apparent procedures today.

The good news is that it is not a “disaster and a tragedy” for South Africans who want to emigrate. On the contrary, moving to a beautiful country in Canada is probably more significant than you think.

South African immigrants have moved to Canada in various ways, including employment and family support.

With immigration programs in Canada that fall under these categories and a few others, one can apply for full Canadian citizenship.

There are excellent options available to South Africans. The Canadian government is looking for immigrants to Canada.

While it may depend on various factors, some excellent options for moving to Canada from South Africa work naturally.

Let’s look at some of the best options for South Africans.

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Move to Canada As an Express Entry Service

If so, you may want to take a look at the programs being considered under the Express Entry program:

  1. Canadian Experience Class (CEC) – if you have at least one year of full-time Canadian work experience;
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) – if you have expertise in NOC-listed trades and have at least two years of full-time Canadian full experience in the last five years;
  3. Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) – if you want to live in a particular province or city;
  4. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) – if none of the above applies to your case.

How the Express Entry System Works

A total of one thousand two hundred points are available under Express Entry.

The CRS score of a candidate is based on several factors, most notably:

  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. A sense of work ethic
  4. Knowing English or French
  5. In short, Canada calculates your CRS score at about 1,200 points. And the points are determined by your human core. These are
  6. Your age
  7. Work experience
  8. The educational background, too, is
  9. Your adaptability and language skills

Only a limited number of candidates with high CRS scores in the swimming pool receive Application Invitations (ITAs).

Quick Steps in Application Login

  1. Create an IRCC profile/account to apply for a Canadian visa online
  2. Check the status of your application, too
  3. Check application processing times

Move to Canada with Your Family

You should know that if one of the parents or one partner gets a visa, the whole family can come. As a partner, you may want to submit two applications, as you do not know who has the best chance of getting a visa.

Also, a student visa is more accessible to obtain than a valid visa, and if a family member can achieve one, it can help bring the whole family to Canada.

It is a creative solution that can help a Canadian immigration consultant.

Temporary Migration of Adults (18-35years): IEC / Student Visa

After that, you may want to check out International Experience Canada (IEC Canada).

The program is suitable for citizens between 18 and 30 looking to test the water in Canada.

If the program is approved, applicants can stay in Canada for up to two years to work, travel, and experience Canadian life.

It allows one to experience what Canadian life can be like without total commitment. If they see themselves living here permanently, they can begin moving to Canada from South Africa.

Move to Canada as a Student

Fortunately, Canada is very welcoming to those who want higher education.

You can get a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada by following many study programs. Your PGWP can serve for as long as your study permit, for up to three years.

With its prestigious education system and top universities, Canada is one of the most attractive countries for students worldwide.

To enter a Canadian university, students need to obtain a student visa.

Move To Canada As An Entrepreneur Or Investor

A first visa can be an option for you.

Various programs are available for those who want to open a business in Canada or buy an existing business in Canada, depending on your age, education, work experience, value, and business history.

Canada divides their immigration plans into two separate categories: Federal Programs and Provincial programs.

Government programs are run by the Government of Canada and allow people to live and work anywhere in Canada, except Quebec, as they have their immigration plans. In addition, government programs include a Start-Up Visa.

Provincial programs are run by each province/region and are tailored to their specific needs.

These programs allow provinces to bring in new immigrants to meet their needs. To apply for these programs, the applicant needs to intend to reside in the region.

Canada needs entrepreneurs like you to grow the economy and create jobs, especially in crisis recovery.

First, Canadian Visa provides permanent Canadian residency for eligible immigrant business people. It aims to employ emerging entrepreneurs in Canada. It also introduces Canadian investors to start their businesses in Canada.

Overall, the basic eligibility requirements for the Start-Up Visa program are:

  1. Qualified business
  2. Certificate of commitment and letter of support from a designated business
  3. Sufficient funds to meet billing costs, as well
  4. Proficiency in English or French at a minimum level Canadian Language Benchmark level 5

Family Support in Canada

Moving abroad is quick and easy for those with relatives in Canada. Most likely, you have someone you want to move your family with after moving to another country.

If so, Family Support options may be suitable for you.

This method works in two ways – inland or out. In-country subsidies are where the sponsor resides in Canada, and the foreign support is for a person living outside Canada at the moment.

What Is The Cost Of Moving To Canada?

The actual cost of relocating to Canada differs from the amount of payment an applicant may require as part of their application.

For example, if you are moving to Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker, you will need both payment fees and prices listed below.

The prices below include government fees and all other application-related fees but do not include additional third-party fees such as travel expenses or airline tickets. Below are the estimates, which may vary;

  • 1 Family Member -R 22,525
  • 2 Family Members R45,050
  • 3 Family Members R50,015
  • 4 Family Members R55,980
  • 5 Family Members-R 59,945
  • 6 Family Members R 64,910
  • 7 Family Members R 69,875

Recommended Canadian Immigrant Advisers for South African Citizens

Moving abroad can be a challenge. But there are experts (RCICs) who know all about available immigration programs and how to develop a plan that can bring you the desired permanent residence.

The trick is to find the RCIC or the appropriate agency for South African citizens. Canada2036 has compiled a highly recommended list of Canadian Immigrant Guides based on comprehensive research, customer testimonials, and other assessment methods.

Step-By-Step Guidelines For Moving To Canada From South Africa

We have simplified the steps you need to take to move to Canada using the 10-step guide in the following sections;

Where You Live in Canada

It is essential to decide on the best places to live in Canada based on your personal needs.

For example, you need to determine if you want to move to a family-friendly family known for advanced education programs and childcare programs in the country or whether you want to move to a Canadian province with advanced economic features such as jobs.

What Immigration plans for Canada do you Qualify for?

More than 100 plan to move to Canada in many categories and sub-divisions. Each program, type, and sub-section has different requirements that you need to meet before considering applying.

The first step is to clarify why you want to move to Canada. Ask yourself the following questions. Do you want to come to Canada to work, reunite with your family, study as an international student, get access to a better lifestyle, or any combination of these?

Pass The Requirements For Eligibility For The Canadian Relocation Program Of Your Choice.

You should critically analyze your ability to meet the eligibility requirements of the desired Canadian immigration program.

It will save you time and, more importantly, help you focus on what you need to complete the eligibility requirements for a permanent resident of Canada.

Collect All the Important Documents

Failure to include all the required documents in the Canadian arrival application process will result in the rejection or delay of your application.

Most Canadian immigration programs request ID, passport or birth certificate, medical results of less than a year, results of IELTS test and TEF less than two years, biometric records, ECA (Educational Screening Test), and a police clearance certificate.

Complete the IELTS and TEF Exams

As shown in the third step above, French and English language skills are essential for almost every move to Canada. In addition, Canada needs you to show that you can adapt, communicate and use local languages ​​to communicate with your community and colleagues.

It will also increase your grade scores on the CRS points system and the chances of success in your application to move to Canada.

Get Your ECA Education Exam.

Education is a feature of high value under the Canadian points program. You must obtain all of your certificates, degrees, diplomas, licenses, and certificates certified by accredited organizations to prove that they meet Canadian standards.

Perform Your Health Screening

All relocation plans to Canada that include staying in Canada for more than six months require a medical examination.

Obtain a Police Hygiene Certificate

To move to Canada, you must have a clear criminal record check. To prove this, the IRCC requires you to submit a police certificate.

The IRCC has published information on how and where to obtain a police clearance certificate in your country.

Apply Biometrics

As of July 31, 2018, Canadian immigration law requires international and graduate students in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to submit biometrics (fingerprints and visual images) and their applications for a visitor, study, a work visa, and permanent residence permit.

In addition, applicants from Asia, Asia Pacific, and the United States will be required to provide Biometrics identification from December 31, 2018.

Use a Canadian Lawyer Or Agent.

Although you do not need a lawyer or an agent to apply for successful immigration to Canada, it is advisable to get one.

As you can see from the above steps, the Canadian immigration program is complex and constantly changing. Therefore, errors can have severe and costly consequences for applicants, delay your process or cause rejected claims.

Important Points

  • While it may seem like complete paperwork, technology, and hard work, it will pay off. Moving to Canada from South Africa is a major life-changing step. But many South Africans have taken their stand for the faith and are now living a safe, happy, healthy, and wonderful life in Canada.
  • Each applicant or couple can receive CRS points. Candidates do not need experience in Canada to get a permanent ITA.
  • The IRCC accepts medical examinations only if performed by a Canadian physician authorized by Panel Physicians.

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