5 Things Every Aussie Needs to Know Before Moving To Toronto

There are a few matters you need to recognize earlier when moving to Canada from Australia. This short guide explains why people cross to Canada from Australia and how they go about doing so.

Why do Australians Relocate to Canada?

Australia, like Canada, is a resource-rich country, however, due to its reliance on herbal resources and close buying and selling ties with Asia, Australia has struggled economically in recent years.

Western Australia’s economy has tightened. Many mega oil and gasoline initiatives have executed their building phases, resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs.

Here are some of the reasons why shifting to Canada from Australia would possibly be a suitable thought for you.


While Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton) and Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Regina) are feeling the consequences of low global commodity prices, business is as normal in British Columbia and Ontario, where Vancouver and Toronto are the most popular vacation destinations. Quebec is also booming, with current job positive aspects in the Montreal area.

Increased funding for infrastructure initiatives will result in sturdy job possibilities throughout the U.S. in the coming years.

Australians are viewed as hard workers in Canada, as are people from other backgrounds who moved to Australia and would now reflect on consideration on returning to Canada.

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Australians Employed in Canada

Australians can be observed in offices, resorts, and other places of work across Canada.

When it comes to Australians working in Canada, there are some trends worth noting. First, a popular route for Australians is to land in Vancouver and drive straight up the road to the close by ski hotel city of Whistler, the place you’re just as likely to hear Australian accents as any different accent on the streets and slopes.

Moving2Canada has a Whistler destination guide packed with vital records on discovering accommodation, getting work, nearby transportation, the advantages of mountain life, and extending your work allow validity period.

Options for Australian Immigration to Canada

Australians are amongst the most fortunate achievable immigrants to Canada. Under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program, Australians are the only countrywide group that receives a limitless quota of working excursion slots.

Furthermore, these two-year open work opportunities for Australians are now accessible to those up to the age of 35.

Many Australians who come to Canada on a working holiday prefer to stay, which puts them in a suitable position. Not only is expert Canadian work precious when transitioning to permanent residence, but Australians additionally rank enormously in English language capacity (naturally), as nicely as education level.

All of these factors are taken into account by way of Canada’s Express Entry immigration system, as well as a number of Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).

Canada may additionally be more comparable to Australia than you realize.

Aside from the truth that each currency functions as royalty and that each of these international locations has giant open barren regions with pockets of urban living, Canada might also be greater than Australia in different ways. So, if you’re relocating to Canada from Australia, culture shock may also be much less extreme than you think.

Consider the essential metropolitan areas.

Sydney vs. Toronto

Sydney (population: 5.2 million) is Australia’s most populous city and is positioned in the most populous state/territory, however, it is no longer the country’s capital.

However, it is Australia’s economic and commercial hub, with many of the country’s biggest firms headquartered there. Sydney is shiny and buzzing, attracting visitors from all over the world.

For any of the above factors about Sydney, we should have been discussing Toronto (GTA population: 6.4 million), the place roughly 1/2 of the population used to be born abroad.

Both are fantastic, exciting cities with a lot to provide residents and visitors. Chelsea Lyndon, an Australian Torontonian, has written a professional weblog on 5 matters each and every Aussie has to be aware of before transferring to Toronto.

Montreal vs. Melbourne

Melbourne has a main international comedy competition as well as a jam-packed festival calendar established (pop: 5m).

Alternatively, head to Montreal (GMA population: 4.1 million), where you may find greater of the equal but with a francophone twist. Even in the dead of winter, it’s almost impossible to be bored in either of these cities.

Please attempt the food as well.

Adelaide vs. Calgary

Calgary and Adelaide (both around 1.3 million people) have a sturdy independent mindset and cosmopolitan lifestyle in common. Densely packed skyscrapers provide a way to picturesque countryside, making both locations ideal for weekend getaways.

Canada’s weather

When you inform any person you’re shifting to Canada from Australia, they’re likely to ask, “Will it be very bloodless over there?”

If you want cold weather, many Canadian cities have it for the duration of the winter, but Canada also has mild locations.

For those used to milder climates, Vancouver’s climate is more welcoming. A normal day in July is 22°C or higher, while it is around 6°C in January. Winter and summer extremes will occur in Toronto.

The stereotype of cold weather in Canada is no longer universal. Remember that Canada is the great United States of America with six time zones, so its weather varies greatly. Consider this in a European context: simply due to the fact it is -20°C in St Petersburg would not imply it is freezing in London 

5 Things Every Australian Should Know Before Moving to Toronto

1. Winters in Toronto are Bitterly cold.

According to my sources, the weather in Toronto is nowhere close to as severe as it is indifferent provinces of Canada. Regardless, my little Australian bones discover the iciness temperatures EXTREMELY cold.

In Canada, 15 tiers are essentially bikini weather! In the lifeless winter, temperatures in Toronto can drop to minus 20 (with a windchill of minus 30!).

If you are planning on bringing your wintry weather garments from Australia, don’t bother. 

one hundred percent If you intend to continue to be here for the duration of the cooler months invest in a suited icy coat and winter boots to avoid frostbite. 

2. Jays, Leafs, and Raptors are life.

Even if you are the largest AFL or NRL fan in Australia, very few humans in Toronto will care. If you prefer to provoke your friends, you need to research (or at least pretend to know) something about the Jays, Leafs, and Raptors.

These are Toronto’s only expert baseball, hockey, and basketball teams, so they are extraordinarily important.

The ecosystem of all the video games is distinct from that of Australia. There’s so much going on apart from the game that it is convenient to have fun even if you have no idea what’s going on.

3. Toronto has its slang that is distinct from Australian slang.

You’d think that due to the fact we all communicate in English, Toronto residents would understand our Australian slang, but they don’t. I would cease shortening all of your words and pronounce them as they are spelled until you prefer to continuously explain yourself.

So, which language is spoken in Toronto?

Slang for Toronto, such as:
  • Because Toronto was at the start divided into six cities.
  • TO is an abbreviation for “tee-oh.”
  • The first three numbers in the Toronto phone network location code are T-Dot. 416.

4. A Coffee is a Coffee, and there are no Fancy Lattes here.

In Toronto, as in Australia, espresso is a way of life. But! It’s no longer what you are used to when you ask for your morning cup of caffeine.

Although there are lattes and different forte coffees available, black espresso is genuinely the most popular espresso in Toronto. Please specify if you desire your fancy foamy drink.

5. If a Torontonian asks if you take “The Path” they don’t mean the footpath.

  • In this country, a footpath is referred to as a sidewalk.
  • “The Path” is a (not-so-secret) Toronto underground world.

The Path connects all of the downtown subway stations. It is a literal underground world stuffed with shops and cafes. The route is famous amongst Toronto residents due to the fact it eliminates the want for them to venture outdoors at some point during the freezing Toronto winters.


Relocating to Canada from Australia isn’t a bad idea at all. You just need to make sure you’re well prepared, especially for the cold weather. Canada in general is a lovely country to reside in. 

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