Top 6 Best Carshare Services In Toronto

There are great Cashare services in Toronto. It enables you to get the benefits of owning an automobile without really owning one. It’s simple, convenient, and allows you to commute sustainably while still having access to a car if necessary.

You can reserve a carshare vehicle by the hour or by the day, giving you the most flexibility.

Simply book online and use your membership card or app to unlock the car. When compared to having a car, carshare users are predicted to save up to $600 per month.

We compared the many car share options in Toronto to help you determine which is best for you.

Why Carshare Services In Toronto?

Carsharing is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to car ownership in large cities like Toronto.

Benefits include the freedom to select without the fixed fees that come with owning a car – you can put that money towards seeing more of Canada!

Although there are distinctions amongst the providers, all memberships include gas, insurance, maintenance, and roadside support.

A driver’s license check is always part of the application procedure, and only drivers with a clean abstract are eligible for membership.

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Best Carshare Services In Toronto 

1. Communato

Communauto is the city’s newest car-sharing firm. They’re also the only firm that offers one-way rentals, which means you don’t have to return the car to the same location where you picked it up.

You have the option of parking in resident-only zones if you are in the Communauto Flex zone.

The area is now restricted to areas of the city core, which is a disadvantage. The opportunity to use the automobile for as long as you wish without needing to book ahead is also unique to Communauto.

Simply choose the car you want and pick it up within 30 minutes. Starting at $0.41 per minute, $15 per hour, and $50 per day, you can get started. Gas, insurance, and 150 kilometers per journey are all included in the price.

2. Enterprise CarShare

Enterprise CarShare, formerly AutoShare, has a huge fleet of automobiles around Toronto, as well as Mississauga and Scarborough.

There are three different membership options. The ‘Keep it Simple’ membership package costs $45 per year, and cars cost $9 per hour or $85 per day. All membership options include gas, insurance, and a daily mileage allowance of 200 kilometers.

Enterprise CarShare provides several options for companies and other organizations wanting to supply vehicles to their employees for business travel.

These solutions can be a terrific alternative to fleet vehicles or requiring staff to drive their automobiles, and they can help you save money and time.

3. Zipcar

Zipcar, one of the city’s oldest carshare companies, offers a big fleet of cars in Toronto and more than 500 cities and towns across the world, making it a terrific alternative for frequent travelers.

Driving fees start at $14 per hour or $105.75 per day, and membership is $7 per month. Gas, insurance, and a daily limit of 200 kilometers are all included in the membership cost.

Zipcar, like Enterprise CarShare, provides several corporate services. Here you can get a free estimate of how much Zipcar would cost your company.

Employees can cycle, take public transportation, walk, or carpool (as a passenger) to work if carshare is offered.

4. Turo

Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental service that has been dubbed the “Airbnb of cars.” You can choose from hundreds of models throughout the city and even have the automobile delivered if you like. Cars can be rented by the day, week, or month and there is no membership cost.

If you own a car, you might want to consider renting it out while you’re not using it to make some additional cash.

5. Car2go

This is a  nice car-share service in Canada but unfortunately is shutting down.

Car2Go, the popular car-sharing service, is shutting down indefinitely in Toronto, much to the dismay of the company’s 80,000 users.

You won’t be able to rent the signature blue and white branded automobiles after May 31st.

Car2Go attributes the closure to the Toronto council, claiming that new parking regulations make it impossible for them to continue operating.

The municipal council approved a pilot initiative in April that will limit access to 10,000 parking spots. These locations are where Car2Go users pick up and drop off their rentals.

Due to the City of Toronto’s decision to enact a drastically revised pilot that renders our service unusable, car2go will be forced to halt operations in Toronto as of May 31.

Parking permits that are exorbitantly priced are partly to blame.

Car2Go would be required to pay over $1,5000 per car under the city’s new permits. Car2Go executive Paul DeLong describes it as a “heavily constrained pilot that ultimately undermines transportation options for Torontonians” in a public statement.

However, for some Toronto residents, the information comes as a big relief.

Finding street parking is a daily difficulty for people who reside in the downtown center, and Car2Go has only exacerbated the problem. Car2Go has always been permitted to park in any part of the city, including residential areas.

Car2Go, as well as other car-sharing services such as ZipCar and AutoShare, have been operating in Toronto since 2016. Car2Go’s vehicles in Toronto will be relocated to the company’s other Canadian locations, including Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver.

6. Maven

Because it is a GM subsidiary, you will only be able to drive GM vehicles with this firm. They’re newer to the city than some of the others, and there are no membership costs. Depending on the vehicle, hourly charges start at roughly $8-9 per hour.

They also have a small fleet, with a little over 100 vehicles available.

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Switching To Car Sharing Services in Toronto? Here’s What You Should Do With Your Car

Car sharing allows you to avoid owning a vehicle. You can do all you can with a car without the burden of owning one when you use car sharing. So, what are your options for getting rid of your unwanted vehicle?

Donating your car to Wheels For Wishes is the greatest solution. Wheels For Wishes is a Make-A-Wish charitable car giving initiative.

Donations are used to help local children who are battling a serious illness. These kids get an opportunity to make a wish that will change their lives forever! Donors also receive a generous tax deduction and free towing!

Here’s how you can help Wheels For Wishes by donating your car:

  • Fill out an online donation form or call 1-888-737-5808 to make an inquiry 
  • We will contact you within 24 hours of the next business day to organize your FREE towing.
  • You can get a tax-deductible receipt in the mail once we receive your donation. You can use this to claim your huge deduction when you file your taxes next year.


Consider joining the Smart Commute program, where we can organize workshops for your employees to learn more about the various carshare providers in your area and assist them in getting started.

We can also assist your company in establishing a carshare program for business travel.

You can make a profit from having cars on demand, no more mileage reimbursement, and lower costs with a carshare program, while your employees can benefit from not having to drive their car to work.

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