International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)

The International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) provides individuals with an accurate and reliable assessment of their educational credentials in Canadian education, employment, and immigration goals.

International Credential Evaluation Services is a government-approved service in British Columbia. But ICES also serves the interests of all educated applicants around the world across Canada.

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ICES is sponsored by the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and is a member of the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC).

ICES Canada compares the education received outside Canada with the standard of education in Canada.

Test reports provide general comparisons of age and learning levels. ICES Canada recommendations are set taking into account several factors, including:

  • Minimum qualifications are required to be accepted into the program
  • Level and duration of the program
  • A learning program where a certificate provides access to a country of origin.
  • Institutional and system recognition.

ICES For General Objectives

Use the ICES report if you are looking for a job, professional license, or further study in Canada. International Qualifications Test checks your official credit study programs when you study abroad.

ICES then determines comparable standards in Canadian conditions. ICES test results are provided in objective, consistent, and reliable test reports.

The average time to process the Basic Assessment is four (4) weeks from the date of receipt of all required documents.

The average time to process the General Assessment is seven (7) weeks from the date of receipt of all required documents.

If you want to be tested for immigration purposes, you will need a different type of report called the Academic Verification Examination, discussed below.

Scope and Limitations of ICES Report

The International Qualification Testing Service follows the standard method used in testing services throughout Canada and the United States, and we apply this method consistently to all of our clients.

ICES Canada does not review the content of the study or decide on the quality of each data.

International Qualification Test Service is not able to evaluate the suitability of an individual’s performance or knowledge (other than grades).

Instead, ICES provides a document certification service, conducting research based on well-established methods.

ICES then released an analysis report that provided a general recommendation for comparing non-Canadian education with the Canadian education system.

ICES For Immigration To Canada

Immigration has appointed the International Qualifications Inspection Service, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to provide Education Competitiveness Assessment (ECA) reports for purposes of relocation to Canada (Express Entry, Permanent Residency, and Agri-Food Pilot).

Most Provincial Immigration Programs also adopt the ECA. Please refer to each province for more details.

  • The estimated ECA processing time is approximately sixteen (16) weeks from the date of receipt of all required documents at the ICES office. The deadlines apply to all applicants, including those already in progress.
  • The estimated processing time is currently two (2) weeks.
  • When ordering a duplicate copy of your test, the average processing time is currently seven (7) business days.
  • The Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is a standard comparison statement of an international educational qualification and a completed Canadian educational qualification. It is issued in a format required by immigrants, refugees, and Canadian citizens (IRCC).
  • ICES will only provide ECA reports for fully completed qualifications under the guidelines for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). In addition, a certificate, diploma, or degree must have been completed and issued.
  • If you wish to apply as a Physician / Physician Specialist (NOC 3111 or 3112) and plan to pursue a license, you are advised to check with the Canadian Medical Council.
  • Applicants such as a Pharmacist (NOC 3131) and those intending to continue obtaining a license are advised to have an examination by the Canadian Pharmacy Inspection Board.
  • Suppose you are applying for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot; please visit the Atlantic Immigration site.

For more information on the migration process related to the services provided by ICES, please visit the Canadian Immigration and Express Entry.

What Are The Details Of The ECA?

ECA certification is a fully completed education program from a single institution leading to a certificate, diploma, or degree. Each certificate, diploma, or degree program you have taken is a different proof. ICES does not test partial certification.

What Is Included In My ICES ECA?

  • Client name
  • Client’s birthday
  • ICES client number
  • CIC reference number for verification purposes
  • Name of institution
  • The location of the institute in the country
  • Authentication
  • Login requirements
  • Level and duration of the program.
  • Program specialty, if any
  • Institutional and system recognition
  • A comparable level of education in Canada

Is My ICES ECA Expiring?

The ECA has operated for five years with the intent of moving abroad. Please note that ICES may retain your non-financial personal information for at least ten years from the date of application. Also, note that it may keep this information permanently if ICES determines that your documents are inaccurate.

What Are Official Documents?

The official documents are:

  • Emailed from the institution to the ICES office
  • Documents a client, client’s friend, or relative did not carry them
  • Contains the appropriate logos, signatures, and posters
  • When you complete your studies in China, you must complete CDGDC certification or CHESICC / CHSI
  • Education authorities may also send these documents directly to the ICES office via email.

Important Points

  • ICES cannot answer questions about immigration and the suitability of immigration programs, refugees, and Canadian citizens (IRCC). It is up to you to determine which one you would like to see tested. Hence, the ICES cannot advise you on this matter.
  • ICES cannot update information by phone or email. If you want your details checked, submit an application form and pay for the service; only then will ICES conduct research.
  • You must decide which international certificates are completed and which you would like ICES to check. You will receive immigration points for a Canadian equivalent of your highest degree, diploma, or certificate (or combination). And often, it is enough that only your high heels are checked, and you do not have to have your high school jewelry checked.
  • Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) stated that only completed study programs will be assessed for the points. Therefore, if verification is not completed, ICES will not be able to provide comparisons with the completed Canadian data.
  • You can only pay online if you apply online. However, applications sent via email should include payment.

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